If you are an Agent who is working in the U.S. state of Texas, you are most likely already familiar with the Texas Real Estate Commission's (TREC) law requiring the Information About Brokerage Services (IABS) form to be displayed on your business website along with the TREC Consumer Protection Notice in a "readily noticeable place".

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your brokerage's regulatory compliance team.

What is the IABS?

On TREC's website, linked to and quoted above, it states: "Texas law requires all brokers and sales agents to provide written notice regarding information about brokerage services at the first substantive communication with prospective buyers, tenants, sellers, and landlords concerning specific real property.  The Information About Brokerage Services form (or the IABS) is the required method to provide that information to those parties."

The same web page goes on to remind brokers and sales agents "that the IABS must both be delivered at the first substantive communication, and the completed IABS must be posted on the homepage of the license holders’ business website. A business website is a website controlled by the license holder, accessible to the public, and that contains information about a license holder’s real estate brokerage services."

Adding the IABS Form to Your kvCORE Website

It is your responsibility to ensure this form is completely filled out and displayed on your kvCORE website. There are two steps you will need to take in order to add your IABS form to your kvCORE website.

TIP: You do not need to add the TREC Consumer Protection Notice form; this is automatically added to your website's footer by Inside Real Estate.

Fill Out and Upload the IABS Form

You will first need to download and fill out the form from TREC's website here. You will need to ensure that all applicable fields are filled out and if any do not apply, you may write "N/A".

Once the form has been completely filled out you will need to display it in your kvCORE website's footer area next to the TREC Consumer Protection Notice that is already added.

The easiest way to display it on your website is to add it to your Google Drive and make it publicly accessible. Doing so will automatically create a link for you to use as well.

TIP: If you do not have a Gmail or G Suite email account, it is free and easy to create a Gmail address in order to use Google Drive.

1. Log into your Gmail/G Suite account in order to upload the form.

2. Click on the Rubik cube icon in the top right corner.

3. Click on the Drive icon from the drop-down that appears.

4. Click on the "New +" button in the top left corner.

5. Click on 'File upload' from the drop-down that appears.

6. Choose the form from your list of files to upload.

7. Once it is uploaded to your Google Drive, right-click on the PDF.

8. Click on 'Get link' from the drop-down that appears.

9. Click on the arrow next to where it says 'Restricted'.

10. Click on the option for 'Anyone with the link'. This will make the link publicly accessible on your kvCORE website.

11. Click 'Copy link' and then click the "Done" button.

Now that you have the link to the form, you will need to log into your kvCORE account in order to add it to the website footer.

First, hover over the Web & IDX tab. Then select 'Website Settings'.

TIP: If you are an Admin doing this on behalf of an Agent, please select their website from the dropdown menu in the main Web & IDX page.

Scroll down the list of website settings until you see the 'Custom Footer' section.

5. Copy this HTML snippet:

<a href="REPLACE ME" target="_blank">Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Service</a>

6. Paste it into your 'Custom Footer' box.

7. Paste your Google Drive link over the "REPLACE ME" section.

TIP: There should be quote marks on either end of the link in order for this HTML snippet to work.

8. Click the blue "Save" button.

9. Check the bottom of your kvCORE website to confirm it appears properly.

If you have any trouble or questions while adding the link to the Custom Footer box, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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