With a lot of emphasis on texting, social media private messaging, and online chat, you may be wondering if there is any worth in sending email communications to your contacts anymore. Spam filters have been updated to catch even more emails in their net and you may know many who barely check their email inboxes anymore.

Hubspot, however, showcases their Email Marketing Stats report for 2020 that restores faith in one of the original electronic forms of communication. Some of the data from their report is highlighted below:

  • 3.9 billion people use email as a form of communication every day.

  • 46% of all emails opened are done so on a mobile device.

  • There were over 5.6 billion email accounts in 2019.

  • 59% say marketing emails influence their purchases.

Email marketing and communications are constantly evolving, but the data trends show that it intends to stay around for a long time!

You can easily use kvCORE to send, receive, and manage your email marketing and communications in order to take advantage of this useful tool in your business.

Please Note: In order to send an email via kvCORE, the receiving email address must already be associated with a contact in your Smart CRM.

Sending The Email

There are many places within kvCORE from which you can manually send an email to your contacts:

1. The "Quick Actions" drop-down at the top of your kvCORE account.

This is useful if you need to send a quick message to one or two contacts while working in different areas of kvCORE, like when you realize you need to email a reminder about a showing appointment to a client you are working with.

2. The "Send Email" button in a contact's record.

Sending an email to a specific contact from their record in the Smart CRM will probably be your main method of communication other than text messages.

All email communications, regardless of how you sent them in kvCORE, will be automatically logged and tracked in each contact's record.

For more information on sending text messages, click here.

3. The "CORE Video" button in a contact's record.

Sometimes a video is more helpful than writing out a long email and CORE Video allows you to create a video message to send via email.

You can easily talk through details, show a lead how to use your kvCORE website, or send a virtual 'congratulations' to a new homeowner on their first year anniversary.

For more information on CORE Video Premium Powered by BombBomb, click here.

4. The "Mass Email" button in the Smart CRM.

Sending emails en masse can be used to send a new listing announcement to a group of contacts whose search alert criteria match that listing or an open house follow-up message for those who signed in on the kvCORE Open House app during the event.

For more information on mass emailing, click here.

5. The 'Scheduled Mass Email' tile under the Marketing tab.

Another option you have for sending mass emails is to schedule them ahead of time, which is great when creating holiday greetings for the year and monthly newsletters in advance.

For more information on scheduling mass emails, click here.

5. The "Email" button in the Listings tab.

One of the easiest ways to get new listings into your clients' hands or to send a list of matching listings to a lead is to email a link to the listing(s).

This email message option auto-generates a link to the selected listings which will send the contact to your website where kvCORE is able to track their activity and provide you with further insights into their behavior for more successful follow-up.

For more information on emailing multiple listings, click here.

Writing The Email

Once you have chosen one of the above options to send your email, you will see the email editor open which defaults to showing the Basic Editor first. If you would like to use the Advanced Editor, click the blue button on the top right of the editor box.

Basic Editor

The default version of the email editor is best used when sending a quick reminder to a single contact, a bulleted or numbered list of items to a vendor or an Agent on your Team, or to create a plain text email template to use again in the future.

For more information on using the Basic Email Editor, click here.

Advanced Editor

Switching over to the Advanced Email Editor allows you to use various widgets, like images, icons, videos, and more, to enhance your email message. Using this email editor is fantastic for creating and sending newsletters, visually stimulating messages like announcements or simple, but dynamic messages with interactive buttons and links.

For more information on using the Advanced Email Editor, click here.

All of these options, combined or used alone, make it easier for you to successfully capitalize on the email addresses you have access to out of the more than 5.6 billion created!

For more information about emailing a PDF, click here.

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If you have any trouble or questions when creating or sending your email, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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