It can confidently be said that the majority of consumers prefer SMS text messaging over any other form of communication. This is strongly highlighted in MobileMonkey's 2020 SMS Marketing Statistics report, some of which is highlighted below:

  • 67% would rather use text messaging to communicate with a business.

  • 77% are more likely to have a positive viewpoint of a business that uses text messaging.

  • Text messages hold a 98% open rate with a 45% response rate and an average 90 second response time.

As texting becomes an integral part of the way you do business, you can rest assured that kvCORE offers you multiple ways to utilize SMS messaging in your communications with your contacts!

Sending a Text Message

There are many places within kvCORE from which you can manually send a text message to your contacts:

1. The "Send Text" button in a contact's record.

Sending a text message to a specific contact from their record in the Smart CRM will likely be your main method of communication other than emails.

All text communications, regardless of how you sent them in kvCORE, will be automatically logged and tracked in each contact's record.

For more information on sending emails, click here.

2. The "Mass Text" button in the Smart CRM.

Sending text messages en masse can be used to send a re-engagement message to newly imported leads directing them to your new kvCORE website or you could send an invite to your SOI to a virtual meet-and-greet event.

For more information on mass texting, click here.

3. The "Text" button in the Listings tab.

One of the easiest ways to get new listings into your clients' hands or to send a list of matching listings to a lead is to text a link to the listing(s).

This text message option auto-generates a link to the selected listings which will send the contact to your website where kvCORE is able to track their activity and provide you with further insights into their behavior for more successful follow-up.

For more information on texting multiple listings, click here.

Writing a Text Message

Once you have chosen one of the above options to send your text message, the text editor will open and you may select your recipient and create your message.

TIP: When looking at the text editor you will also have the option to send a CORE Video via text message instead of a written message. Texting a video message is a unique and fun way to get interactive with your contacts and drive more engagement.

For more information on CORE Video Premium Powered by BombBomb, click here.

If you have chosen to text from the Listings tab, a message will be pre-populated with a merge tag that links straight to your kvCORE web page with the listing(s) displayed.

If you are creating your own message, previously saved canned responses are available to choose from and you can also manually add merge tags within your message as desired.

Wherever you want the merge tag to display, type the { symbol and the full list of available merge tags will appear for you to choose from. In order to type the fancy bracket, hold down Ctrl and then tap the bracket button. For Mac users, hold down Command and then tap the bracket button.

For more information on merge tags, click here.

All of these options, combined or used alone, make it easier for you to successfully enhance your real estate business by recognizing and responding to those in your book of business that are among the 67% of consumers who prefer text messaging!

Please Note: Sending YouTube links in text messages may result in the carrier marking the text as spam. This means the text may not be delivered

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If you have any trouble or questions when creating or sending your text message, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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