The Basic Email Editor is the default view when choosing to send an email via kvCORE. To learn more about kvCORE's emailing options, click here.

It is the original and easiest email editor to use within kvCORE, and can easily be used to send one-off messages to your book of business in the Smart CRM or quickly respond to an email sent by a lead regarding search alerts from within their contact record.

The Basic Editor can be separated into three distinct parts:

  1. Recipients & Templates

  2. Message Text Box

  3. Signature & Send

The email editor will look a little different depending on which emailing tool you decide to use to send the message, but the main sections still work similarly.

Recipients & Templates

The header of the email editor contains the 'Contact' and 'CC/BCC' drop-downs to choose your contact(s) from; these are the email addresses you will send the email to.

The 'Template' drop-down gives you the option to use a previously saved canned response instead of typing out the message.

The header section also contains the 'BCC' drop-down along with the 'Email subject line' field. There you may select a third recipient to blind copy on the message as well as enter the subject for your message.

You may also use the 'Clear' option to start over from a blank email editor or click on the "Advanced Editor" button to switch the editors.

TIP: Because switching between email editors deletes any currently existing text in the Message text box, save your text if you would like to use it with the editor you are switching to.

For more information on the Advanced Email Editor, click here.

Message Text Box

The Message text box is where you will type the body of your message into. It also comes with a table of formatting options at the top that you can use when editing your text.

The basic email editor limits your message to mainly plain text with only a few enhancement options, like adding links or merge tags.

To learn more about merge tags, click here.

Plain text emails are far less likely to be flagged by spam filters in your contacts' inboxes and allow for simple, to-the-point emailing with no distractions to take attention away from your main message.

However, you can spice up your email by taking advantage of the editor's table of formatting tools.

The Paragraph drop-down allows you to easily add different types of headers to call attention to important sections of your email and add seamless sub-sections.

'B' and 'I' can be used to Bold and Italicize text, respectively, and the Increase/Decrease Indent buttons allow you to create indents to call out quotes or create multiple paragraphs.

The '<>' icon will make the Source Code box appear in which you can add any custom HTML that you would like to display in your email.

This is usually used to add videos and images to the email, although it is strongly recommended that you switch to the Advanced Email Editor if you wish to add videos and/or images.

The Chain or Link icon will make the 'Insert Link' box appear with options to hyperlink some or all of your email's text with a URL.

The 'Url' field is where you will paste in the web page's address and the 'Text to display' is what you want to hyperlink. Hyperlinking is when you make something clickable, in this case, your text. When clicked, the contact is then taken to that web page.

TIP: When hyperlinking text, the best way to do so is by using your cursor to highlight the desired text prior to clicking the link icon. This pre-fills the 'Text to display' field with your chosen text to hyperlink.

You will want to set the 'Target' drop-down to 'New window' so that the hyperlinked web page does not open in the same browser tab, replacing the contact's inbox.

The Sun icon at the end of the top row gives you a list of merge tags to choose from, like Lead First Name and Agent Signature.

The second row of formatting tools gives you the option to include Bullet Points, Numbered Lists, and change the Font Style along with the Font Size.

The last two icons in the bottom row allow you to add a Horizontal Line or a Table, as needed.

Signature & Send

At the bottom of the email editor, there is a toggle to include the signature that you created in the 'Signature' box of your profile.

Please Note: If you do not have a signature added to your profile, nothing will display at the bottom of your email. You must either add a signature to your kvCORE profile, use merge tags to have your signature auto-fill upon being sent, or manually type or copy/paste it into the bottom of your message draft.

When you are satisfied with the way your email is, simply click the green "Send" button in the bottom left corner or "Cancel" if you decide against sending an email at all.

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If you have any trouble or questions when creating your email, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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