Tasks are simple reminders that can be set manually by any user type to remind themselves of action items, like emailing a contract or calling a client back, or they can be scheduled automatically as part of a Smart Campaign, such as built in reminders to call a new lead after a certain amount of time.

To learn more about creating tasks, click here.

It is easy to keep yourself organized and on track with the numerous daily to-do lists you may refer to each day by setting and completing them in kvCORE. Tasks can be easily associated with specific contacts and kvCORE will email you on the day that the task is due.

Viewing and Completing a Task

Scheduled tasks will appear in several different places throughout your kvCORE account:

  1. Tool Bar

  2. kvCORE Dashboard

  3. Contact Record

  4. kvCORE Mobile App

Regardless of how the task was created, it will appear in all four above places and marking a task complete in one area will mark it complete for the others as well.

TIP: Automatic tasks created by kvCORE, like tasks from a Smart Campaign, will be automatically deleted 7 days past the due date. Manually created tasks, however, will remain in your tasks list until you complete or delete them.

Tool Bar

No matter where you are in kvCORE you will always have access to the tool bar at the top of your account. The check mark icon to the right of the tool bar will pull up a list of all past due, due today, due tomorrow, and upcoming tasks.

You can then click the contact's name to review their notes and past activity, click the grey 'Snooze" button to postpone the task to the next business day, or check the white box to mark the task complete.

Please Note: Calls will not have a checkbox. You will need to log the call using the button with the phone icon or snooze. For more information on making and logging calls, click here.

kvCORE Dashboard

When you first log into kvCORE you will see a 'Tasks' tab that you can click on to view all upcoming tasks and snooze them or mark them done.

You can also click on the 'Tasks' box that appears under your Summary on your Dashboard.

Once you have completed the tasks due for any given day, simply click the blue "Done" button. You can also click the grey "Snooze" button if you would like to postpone that task until the next business day.

TIP: Additionally, in the area at the top of the 'Tasks' section you can complete, snooze or delete multiple tasks at once. This can save you time by marking several task reminders Done instead of individually completing them.

Contact Record

If you need to review the contact's information and notes ahead of completing the task, you will still be able to view and complete any assigned tasks for that particular contact by accessing the 'Tasks' tab at the top of the contact profile.

Once you have completed the task, simply mark the task done using the blue 'Done' button.

If you need to see the full list of upcoming or completed tasks, click the 'All Tasks' button.

There you will see the entire list of scheduled and completed tasks.

kvCORE Mobile App

It is very easy to complete tasks using the mobile app which makes it perfect for agents on the go! All your scheduled tasks live in the 'Tasks' section on the bottom right of your app.

Here you can review your list of upcoming tasks and mark them complete.

You also have the ability to mark tasks complete directly from the contact's record. Simply navigate into their 'Tasks' section and tap the white check box to the right.

Please Note: You may only edit a task from your kvCORE account using the desktop view, not via the mobile app. This is on the roadmap for a future platform update, however.

How to Create Task Reminders

How to Edit and Delete Task Reminders

If you have any questions or need further assistance when completing tasks, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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