What is CORE Voicemail Drop?

CORE Voicemail Drop is an additional feature that kvCORE users can purchase a subscription to from the Marketplace.

It gives Agents the ability to send voicemails straight into their contacts' inboxes without having to initiate an actual call or triggering a contact's phone to ring.

For more information on CORE Voicemail Drop, click here.

Where can I use it in kvCORE?

There are two places in kvCORE that you can access CORE Voicemail Drop and send messages:

  1. Smart CRM

  2. Smart Campaigns

In the Smart CRM you can drop voicemails to individual or multiple contacts at once. You can also add pre-recorded voicemail templates as action items to any applicable smart campaigns.

How do I purchase this Add-On?

To purchase this add-on, simply log into your kvCORE account and navigate to the Marketplace tab to the left.

Once there, click on the "CRM Add-Ons" button from the list along the top.

You will see the CORE Voicemail Drop tile from the filtered list and can click on the "Learn More" button to choose your subscription and access the billing details page.

After you have purchased this add-on you will be able to start using it immediately!

Is this Add-On available for Canadian users?

Yes! CORE Voicemail Drop is available to kvCORE users in both U.S. and Canada.

What phone number appears on my contacts' caller ID?

Voicemails show as sent by the default Smart Number in your kvCORE account, whether that is the Office Smart Number or a personal number you purchased via the Smart Number Add-On tile in the Marketplace.

Does this work with landlines?

No. Voicemails can only be dropped to cell phone numbers at this time.

Do voicemail drops count towards my daily calls to complete?

No. Your daily calls to make list can only be completed by actively calling the contact from your kvCORE Dashboard or the kvCORE Mobile App.

How do I know a voicemail was dropped successfully?

The contact's Timeline will display a note with the date, time, and title of the voicemail that was successfully dropped to the phone number in their profile.

Can I track who has listened to my voicemail?

No. kvCORE does not indicate whether a contact has opened and listened to the voicemail message in their inbox.

What happens if a contact has an invalid phone number or does not have one at all?

If a contact does not have a phone number in their record or if the phone number is invalid the voicemail message will not be successfully dropped and no note will appear in their Timeline.

You will see an error message appear if you try to drop a voicemail to a contact with an invalid number or someone who does not have one at all.

If the contact is included in a list of contacts that you are trying to drop voicemails to en masse, they will be skipped. This will not count against your monthly credit allotment.

Why did my voicemail not successfully drop to my contact(s)?

There are a number of reasons why a voicemail may not successfully be dropped to a contact's inbox:

  1. No phone number in their profile.

  2. An invalid phone number in their profile.

  3. Auto Dial is disabled in their profile.

  4. The contact's phone number is on your "Do Not Call" list.

In order for voicemails to be dropped successfully, each contact must have Auto Dial permissions enabled otherwise kvCORE will be unable to send the message. This found in the 'More Details' section of a contact's record.

Can I purchase more voicemail credits if I use up my normal monthly allotment?

Yes! If you have one of the 150 or 250 subscriptions you are able to upgrade your subscription at any point throughout the month and the new amount will go into effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Can I pre-record voicemail messages to regularly drop to my contacts?

Yes! There is a Voicemail section within the Smart Campaign builder tool where you can record and save voicemail messages for future use, both as manual drops and as an automated Smart Campaign action.

Where can I find example scripts to use when creating voicemails?

For sample voicemail message scripts and further tips on using this add-on, click here!

If you have any questions or need further assistance while purchasing or using CORE Voicemail Drop, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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