*Please note that the Mortgage Company field is only available in Pro level CORE BackOffice Accounts

Mortgage company information can be added in order to keep track of what company/contact you were interacting with for a given transaction.

There are two ways to add a mortgage company to your account.

Option 1:

Go to Settings > Closing Vendors.

Select the Mortgage Company tab.

There you can enter in the information for the mortgage company. To add multiple officers, use the blue plus sign on the Officer field. The contact information will be for the company itself.

Once saved, you can select the company when processing a transaction.

Option 2:

When processing a transaction, you can go to the Mortgage Company tab of the transaction. You can enter in the information for the company and the officer. Once you hit save, it will be kept in the transaction and an entry will be made within Settings > Closing Vendors > Mortgage Company.

Once a Mortgage Officer is created, their name cannot be edited or removed, however you can add in more.

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