The agent will get a percentage of the gross commission based on what level of the plan the gross commission for that particular transaction falls under.

For example, if the gross commission for a transaction is $3000, then the agent would get 80%. If the agent closes out another transaction and the gross commission is $1000, then the agent would get 75%.

This plan is not a cumulative plan, it will look at the level the gross commission falls in for each transaction and apply that split only for that specific transaction.

This plan can be setup by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Commissions Plans

  2. Select +Add Plan

  3. Add a plan name, make the plan active, then for “Type of Plan” choose “Gross Commission Per Deal”

  4. Add a pre-commission credit/debit (optional)

  5. Add each level to the plan

  6. Add additional closing fees to each level (optional)

  7. Add cap to the additional closing fees (optional)

  8. Select Save Commission Plan

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