When an agent is on a cap plan, the agent can start with a certain amount already contributing to their cap. This can be added in the agents profile by following these steps:

  1. Go to Agents > Agents

  2. Search the agent and select the Commission Plan & Fees tab

  3. Enter in their starting point.and then select “Save”

Starting Point for Cap Commission Plan

This will set a starting point for your agents commission plan if they are on a cap plan. For example, if they've paid in $10,000 to their cap, enter $10,000. Then when you run your first commission disbursement for this agent, it will use this value as their starting value for their commission plan. This field can only be filled out before any transactions have been entered for the agent, and it can only be used once, when you first add the agent to CORE BackOffice.

Starting Point End Date

This is the date when the starting point value you've entered above will no longer apply. This should be 1 day before the agents plan will rollover. For example, if your agent has a calendar year rollover date, enter 12/31 and the current year we are in. If the plan has a rollover date of 5/25/18, enter 5/24/19.

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