For Agents:

Go to ACH Transfer.

Create ACH Transfer Account.

Verify your First and Last name are correct. If you get paid under a business name you can enter it under Business name.

You will be asked to agree to the Dwolla terms of services. Dwolla is the 3rd party vendor used to process ACH payments.

Click agree to the Dwolla Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Click Accept.

Click on the blue Click here link to add your bank account.

Click +Add Bank Account.

Two factor authentication is required for security of your banking information.

Enter your phone number and email address and click Submit.

You will then receive a text message code for verification. Enter the code you receive and click submit.

Click on agree and continue.

You have two options to set up your ACH:

Instant Account Verification -

This would be using your online banking credentials to verify your bank account. This is an instant verification process and your ACH account will be set up immediately

Micro-deposit Verification -

This is using your bank routing number and account number to verify your account. If you choose this option, you will receive 2 small deposits into your bank account (under .10) within 3 business days.

Once you receive the small deposits, you will log back into your CORE BackOffice account and enter the amounts of the 2 small deposits to verify the account. Once you have verified the account your ACH account will be set up.

Once you have verified your account either using the 2 Factor Authentication or the Micro-deposit option your ACH account will be set up and your Broker will be notified.

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