IdealEstate is a fast, easy to use, "set it and forget it" agent recruiting solution that seamlessly integrates with your kvCORE account. For brokers and teams that are looking for an affordable way to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry, IdealEstate's significant recruiting pool of real estate professionals will be a huge advantage!

All you have to do is create your account, add your current marketing assets, like an introduction video to your brokerage or team, select your Preferred Candidate criteria, and watch the new recruit leads flow into kvCORE to be nurtured.

Please Note: At this time IdealEstate Recruiting is not currently available for use in Canada.

IdealEstate Recruiting At A Glance

In addition to the automated process of generating recruit leads for kvCORE's follow-up, you will also have access to robust search filters and performance information in IdealEstate so you can find and identify passive candidates and manually push them over into your kvCORE account.

To get started, just log into your kvCORE account and navigate to your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the IdealEstate Agent Recruiting tile and click "Learn More". Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

TIP: If you already have an IdealEstate account you can connect that to kvCORE as long as your email address is the same in both systems. Once the accounts are connected you will be able to manually push your existing recruit leads into kvCORE.

If you have any billing questions about syncing your existing IdealEstate account, please reach out to their Support team via

Once you click on the tile you will be taken to IdealEstate's website in order to complete the sign up process. You will be asked to add your marketing assets and choose your recruiting criteria so IdealEstate can match existing and future candidates to your brokerage or team.

The subscription level you choose at the beginning will determine how many recruit leads IdealEstate will match you with and push over into kvCORE. The subscription level also determines how many recruit leads you are able to manually push over as well.

IdealEstate Leads in kvCORE

There are two ways for IdealEstate recruits to be added into your kvCORE Smart CRM:

  1. Through the auto-sync between IdealEstate and kvCORE.

  2. By manually pushing individual recruit leads from IdealEstate to kvCORE.

Automatically Sent Leads

Recruit leads from IdealEstate will automatically flow into your kvCORE Smart CRM and will display the Source of 'IdealEstate'. In addition, you will be able to access those contacts within your IdealEstate account along with other tools.

Recruit contacts will also have one of three hashtags automatically applied when they are pushed into kvCORE:

  • IdealEstateInterestedCandidates

  • IdealEstateSuggestedCandidates

  • IdealEstateQualifiedCandidates

TIP: #RecruiterSelected only applies to recruit leads you have manually pushed to kvCORE.

A Smart Campaign will be automatically assigned to that new contact as well based on which hashtag they are associated with. This campaign contains email and text templates that will nurture your new recruit lead for the first 10 days.

Please Note: These Smart Campaigns cannot be found in the kvCORE Library until a new IdealEstate lead is pushed into kvCORE.

You can easily edit these campaigns and/or the individual templates by accessing them in the 'Your Library' section once an IdealEstate lead has been added to your kvCORE account. Adding additional touches after the default 10 days in order to continue nurturing unresponsive recruits is a popular choice.

Manually Sent Leads

If you already have an IdealEstate account and wish to manually send recruit leads to kvCORE, you must first be logged into your IdealEstate account.

1. Click on "Find Recruits".

2. When you have selected a potential recruit from the 'My network' list, click on the dark grey "Recruit" button.

3. Click on the dark grey "Send to kvCORE" button.

4. The recruit lead will automatically be sent to kvCORE and have #RecruiterSelected applied along with the associated Smart Campaign.

All recruit leads pushed to kvCORE will also display a light grey "Sent" button under 'My network'.

If you look at your 'My Candidates' list, you will also see a light grey "Sent to kvCORE" button to the right of each profile and that button will take you straight into that lead record in your Smart CRM.

If you have any further questions or issues while purchasing/using IdealEstate's Agent Recruiting tool, please reach out to their Support team via

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