kvCORE partners with Verse.io to provide Agents and Admins with a robust lead communication service that drives results in the background, freeing up time to focus on winning listings and closing deals that otherwise would be spent on following up on potentially dead leads.

To learn more about CORE Concierge, click here.

Nurturing Plan of Action

Once your leads are sent over to the Verse concierge reps for nurturing you will receive a confirmation email and begin to see the communication details appear in the Timeline of each lead's record.

It is strongly recommended that you disable any Smart Campaigns that are set up to auto-apply to leads from the specific sources you chose in order to not interfere with the proven nurturing plan Verse utilizes.

Search Alerts and Behavioral Automation within kvCORE, however, should remain active as these will not negatively impact the communication.

Communication Schedule

  • Day 1 - Immediate combo of phone calls and texts.

  • Day 2-10 - Emails continue to be sent to unresponsive leads and those with bad numbers.

  • Over 6 Months - 20-30 texts will be sent with varying frequencies as time goes on without a response.

Please Note: The exact schedule/timing of communication is very fluid to imitate how an agent would follow up with leads. A combination of texts, emails, and phone calls will be used throughout the process to follow up with your leads for the best possible results. To learn more about their methods, click here.

The scripts and exact verbiage for each communication attempt cannot be previewed, however, you are able to see each message as it is sent by accessing that lead's record in the Smart CRM.

Once a lead has been qualified, meaning that they have expressed interest in talking to or receiving more information from you as an agent, Verse will automatically apply a #verse-qualified hashtag to the lead record.

You will also be sent an email and text notification letting you know that there is a warm lead for follow up in your Smart CRM.

Once a lead is qualified, CORE Concierge will stop follow-up, so it is your responsibility to resume the communication.

*If you wish to stop CORE Concierge follow up prior to a lead being qualified, you can click on 'Stop CORE Concierge Follow Up' in the kvCORE lead profile.

If after 6 months a lead is still unresponsive or if they have indicated that they do not wish to talk to a real estate agent, the lead record in kvCORE will have the #verse-unqualified hashtag applied and Verse will stop following up on that lead.

If you have any questions or need further assistance when using CORE Concierge, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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