The Past Reports area of dashCMA displays all of your saved CMA reports for future use along with additional options like rebuilding a past report, reviewing clients' tracked activity within a particular report, and deleting a saved report.

Every property address you have created and saved a CMA report for will be shown in an expandable list with each CMA report falling under that address in order of newest to oldest.

Each report will show an overview of the search criteria along with the client's name and the creation date so you can differentiate between two CMA reports for the same property address.

In order to access this area, hover over the black sidebar on the left and click on 'Past Reports'.

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Past Reports Options

Rebuilding CMA Reports

Accessing a Client's Tracked Activity

Downloading a PDF

Emailing a CMA Report to Yourself

Deleting a CMA Report

Past Reports Options

Within your past reports list there are several actions you can take:

  1. Rebuild a report.

  2. Access the interactive link and tracked activity.

  3. Download the report's PDF.

  4. Email it to yourself.

  5. Delete a report.

Rebuilding CMA Reports

To learn how to rebuild a past CMA report, please click this link.

Accessing a Client's Tracked Activity

To review your client's behavior while viewing the CMA report you built for them, simply click on the 'Link' icon to the right of the report.

This will show you a list of each link you generated and the email address that you sent them to, whether the report has been viewed yet and for how long if it has, an option for you to create a new interactive link to this report, and options to either view the tracked activity or delete the link entirely.

If you click on the "View Sessions" link to the right you will be taken to each viewing session and can choose which session to view the activity for.

Once you click on the "View Session Details" link, each recorded click will be listed similarly to how the notification email lists the tracked activity for each session.

TIP: This is a great engagement opportunity for you! When you receive the email notification listing your client's session details, call them to ask what they thought of the report and if anything caught their eye.

Downloading a PDF

To download a PDF you will need to click on the 'PDF' icon to the right of the report and that will open the printable version of the CMA report in a new browser tab. You can then choose to download it to your device and print or share it.

Emailing a CMA Report to Yourself

To email the CMA report to the email in your dashCMA profile click the 'Email' icon to the right of the report. The system will automatically send you an email with the PDF version of the report attached which you can then open or download to your device.

Deleting a CMA Report

The trash icon under the 'Delete' column is where you can completely remove the report from your dashCMA account and past reports list.

As a best practice, past reports should only be deleted if the listing was never won or if you want to prevent access to an old, outdated report.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while logging into dashCMA or building a report, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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