When it comes to recreating a CMA report with fresh listings and market data traditional reports make the process more than a little tedious, requiring you to essentially start over from the beginning.

dashCMA's Past Reports section not only holds a record of every saved CMA, but it also includes an option to easily rebuild a past report. Because the system saves every customization within a report, you will never need to rebuild from scratch; all your estimates, featured or deleted listings, and highlighted property features will automatically appear when rebuilding a past report.

Rebuilding a CMA Report

The first step when rebuilding a report is to select a past report from your property address list.

To do so, hover over the black sidebar on the left and click on 'Past Reports'.

There you will see all your saved CMA reports nested under each property address.

Once you have found your past report to rebuild, click on the 'Rebuild' icon to the right.

This will take you back to the second step where you originally selected your comparable listing criteria and the location to search in.

You will see all of your previous selections and any adjustments to the public tax record data for your subject property. You may choose to amend some of those choices or click "Build CMA" to continue to the next step.

The big picture pricing area will have retained any selections you had added to the price range initially and these you are able to edit too.

TIP: Any new listings that may have been added to the MLS or any previously Active listings that may have gone Pending or Closed since your original report was built will show in the 'Review Results' area with a 'NEW' label next to the address.

Once you are done adjusting the new CMA report's data, you will have the same 'Save and Send' options at the bottom and you may download or print the report, or generate a new interactive link for this freshly built CMA.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while rebuilding a CMA report, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing support@dashcma.com!

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