There are two versions of the CMA report you create using dashCMA that you are able to send to your prospective and current Clients:

  1. The printable PDF report.

  2. The interactive webpage link.

Both report types hold the same information, but there is a lot of benefit to using the interactive webpage more often than the PDF report.

Article Sections

Printable PDF Report

Interactive Webpage Link

Printable PDF Report

The PDF version of your CMA report is downloadable and printable in the event that you would like to have a physical copy for your prospective or current Client.

The information in your settings section appears on the first page and the visuals for your report data are on each of the subsequent pages with your logo(s) and contact information in the header and footer of each page too.

Please Note: The PDF version showcases every featured or starred comparable listing at the end of the report and includes the first 15 MLS images, so if you are planning on printing out the report make sure you do not have more than 5 featured comps.

The interactive webpage enables your Seller to view the report's data in the same way you built it. This empowers the Seller with an ability to deconstruct the provided data and reconstruct it in a way that makes sense to them.

Additionally, it can pave the way for intelligent conversations with your Sellers and prompt them to try out different scenarios as they balance the opinions that may come their way.

The webpage also tracks every action a Client takes while viewing the information which then provides you with further engagement opportunities.

The interactive webpage link can be emailed straight from dashCMA and includes a "Print PDF" button at the bottom in case your Client would like a physical copy.

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