The main component of your kvCORE website is made up of all the listings from your MLS feed(s) to showcase them to potential Buyers, encouraging them to engage with you as their real estate Agent.

One way kvCORE enhances your Buyers' website experience is by labeling your listings with applicable features that are based on the listing's information as entered by the listing Agent into the MLS.

Listing Labels

A listing label is a featured keyword that displays in the top left of each image for that listing on your website.

These labels are automatically applied by kvCORE based on the listing's description that the listing agent has added in the MLS as well as some of the features they selected to apply to the listing.

A few examples of the listing labels that can appear are:

  • Just Listed

  • Open House

  • Reduced

  • New Construction

  • Views/Water Views

  • Waterfront/Water Front

  • Pets Allowed

  • Primary on Main

  • Golf Course

  • Pool

  • Eco Friendly

  • Adult 55+

TIP: The full list of recognized description terms and selected features is quite extensive and the above list is a short sample.

The listing labels that appear on your specific website will differ depending on the MLS feed(s) you have connected, whether or not the listing Agent used a term that kvCORE recognizes, and if there are specific features selected upon adding it to the MLS.

The 'Open House' label is generated directly from the associated MLS if they pass that information to kvCORE through the connected IDX feed.

TIP: The 'Amenities' list at the bottom of each listing shows what additional features the listing Agent chose for that listing within the MLS and kvCORE can recognize some of these terms in order to apply a listing label.

Please Note: Because these labels are auto-generated, there is no way to adjust them manually. The listing Agent would need to update their listing's description or the selected features in order to change the label.

Occasionally, you may expect to see a listing label where it does not appear. This can be due to your MLS not passing that information through the IDX feed your website is connected to.

If you ever want to confirm why a listing label was or was not applied to a specific property, check out the listing's description and additional features.

Limited Listing Labels

In your website settings list you have the ability to completely remove the display of listing labels on your kvCORE website with the exception of 'Open House' and 'Just Listed'.

TIP: If you choose to use limited listing labels, this selection will not apply to the labels that may have been applied to your manually added listings, like your 'View' selection.

In order to turn on limited listing labels you must first be logged into kvCORE.

  1. Hover over the Web & IDX tab to the left.

  2. Select 'Website Settings'.

  3. Scroll down to the 'Use Limited Listing Labels' option.

  4. Toggle the setting on (if limited listing labels is on the toggle with turn blue)

  5. A popup will appear on the bottom left informing you the setting has been saved.

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