There are two methods for importing your database.

Option 1: Lead Configuration Service

The easiest and surest way to get all of your leads into K+ correctly is to contact the free Lead Configuration and Import Service (LCS) offered by us for your convenience.

Lead Import Request Form

To utilize the service please proceed to the online form located here . Your request will be processed when you follow the steps in the online form. Please read the instructions carefully. If you have issues or questions, please contact the LCS team below.

Option 2: DIY Importing

You can import lead databases in the Broker Dashboard by going to Leads > Import Leads menu option if you have the following file types:

  • Boomtown

  • MarketLeader (All Status)

  • IRE

  • TigerLeads

Otherwise, you will need to send your file to our Support team.

What can be imported?

First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Price, Area, Type, Client Address, Notes, Hashtags

How should I format my information?

Your file can be a .csv file or .xls/.xlsx file.

Please use the formatting found in the Lead Import Template to format your leads in the file you send to support.

See the guide below on how to format your data.

Once your file is ready to go, use the online request form to upload it to our import team.

Please note all import requests are processed and completed within 3-5 business days. When the completed CSV file is sent to Support for import, we will ask you to answer the 7 questions below. To make the import lead process quicker, please be prepared to add the answers in the same email.

- Please confirm that the system these leads are coming from is NOT live or sending emails to these leads.

- Please confirm whether or not these leads have opted into receiving listings alerts previously.

- What type of leads would you like these imported as? Leads, clients, past clients?

- What hashtag would you like these assigned to upon import?

- Please confirm the agent's account you would like these imported to: Name, Email, and Sub-domain. Remember that we need a separate file per agent.

- Do you wish to have these leads assigned to a particular lender upon import?

- Please confirm that these contacts have given you permission to text, call & email them.

A. Leads may only be imported that have been active within the past 6 months are coming from another website/CRM system such as MarketLeader or Boomtown.

If the leads we're importing for you have come from a list (like from Gmail contacts or Facebook) or some system where the leads haven't received property alerts before, we're unable to set up listing alerts automatically for them.

B. Leads older than 6 months and/or Sphere of Influence type leads usually have no true website history and typically consist of contacts you've built up over time. These should be in a separate file with their own hashtag(s). Please note that you cannot "Mass Email" leads in your Kunversion dashboard.

There are two ways to introduce your website to these older leads:

Mass market using a 3rd party like MailChimp.

Email your leads using your Kunversion dashboard every day in groups of 50 or so - one group a day. To control this you should divide your leads into manageable groups using hashtags.

These practices must be adhered to in order to maintain our email servers, YOUR email's reputation, and to comply with anti-spam laws. Attempting to circumvent our recommendations above will cause you to default on your contract with us. For this reason, imported contacts are NOT added to any drip campaigns or Listing Alerts. As you work with each lead, you're able to set up a drip campaign at that time.

C. Leads should be broken down on a Per-Agent Basis so we will need a separate file for each Agent on your team.

D. Please send us the hashtag you would like the leads to be associated with. Hashtags must begin with a #, not start with a number, be at least four characters long, and can contain nothing but numbers and letters. #justlooking #buyers and #myleads1 will all work. #hot #2leads and #forclosure/buyer will not work.

E. At a minimum, we must have a name and email address to import a lead. Please make sure to use the Lead Import Template to format your lead file otherwise we won't be able to upload them for you.

F. Please note, if you are not the subscription owner, and choose to leave your brokerage and associated Kunversion account, you may only export your lead data at the authorization of your Broker.

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