If you have purchased a standalone dashCMA account and are managing a group of individual users under that account (called an Office), you will have access to a separate dashCMA Admin Dashboard.

Please Note: If you have dashCMA through kvCORE, you will not have a separate Admin Dashboard for dashCMA. All user management is done through kvCORE.

For a comprehensive training on using dashCMA as an Admin, complete the 'dashCMA Admin Quick Start' in the CORE Learning Portal.

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Logging Into Your Admin Dashboard

Managing Your Users

Download import template, Import Users, & Create Users

Importing Users in Bulk

Manually Adding Users

Send Account Details to All Users

Remove Users

Logging Into Your Admin Dashboard

As a dashCMA Admin, you have two login URLs:

  1. app.dashcma.com - logs you into the dashCMA tool.

  2. api.dashcma.com/login - logs you into the dashCMA admin dashboard.

Once you log into your admin dashboard you will see the Office(s) you manage and the associated user list. From here you are able to add or remove users individually or in bulk, export a list of all current users, and send welcome emails containing login information.

If you manage multiple Offices, you will see the list to the left of your dashboard and clicking into each one will show you the list of associated users.

Managing Your Users

At the top of your user list you will see five options:

  1. Import users

  2. Create User

  3. Send Account Details to All Users

  4. Export Users

  5. Download import template

Download import template, Import Users, & Create Users

Your initial user list will have been imported for you during the setup of your account, however, you may need to add new users to the account as your Office grows.

To add new users, you have two options:

  1. Import the new users in bulk; especially helpful when you have more than 5-10 new users to add.

  2. Manually add new users individually; recommended when you only have a handful of new users to add.

Importing Users in Bulk

If you would like to bulk import a list of users you will first need to download the import template by clicking on the blue "Download import template" button which will open the template in an Excel .xlsx file type.

Simply fill out the fields for each user, using one row per user, until all the users' information has been added.

Save the file on your desktop computer or laptop and then log back into your admin dashboard. Click on the green "Import users" button at the top and select your saved Excel file.

Click the green "Import" button and your user list will be imported.

Manually Adding Users

If you only need to add one or two new users you can easily create their accounts by clicking the green "Create User" button.

Fill out the name and email for the new user and click the blue "Save" button. You will then be refreshed back to your dashboard and will see the new user in your list, sorted alphabetically by first name.

Send Account Details to All Users

This option at the top of your dashboard enables you to automatically send a mass welcome email to every user in that Office, regardless of when they were added to your account.

In your users table you will see a related, green "Notify - Account Created" button that allows you to send a welcome email to just that individual user.

Remove Users

Deleting users is very easy: just click on the red "Remove" button to the right of the user's name.

dashCMA will then ask you to confirm that you wish to delete this user and you can confirm or cancel.

Remember that this is a permanent removal so if you would like to have that user added back, you will need to manually add them or include them in a bulk import.

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