To create a tour, mouse over 'Marketing' at the top, and select the 'Self-Serve Tour' option.

Note: If you are an admin, you will need to select an Agent to create the tour as.

Enter all of the text-based listing information you can into the 'Listing Information' form.

After the info is entered, continue to step 2 at the bottom:

Now you will add the first image. If you have more than one image to add, we will add them after. Click 'Choose Images...

And browse for your main image. Once it's uploaded, it will be shown below:

If you see any errors, such as a token error, you might need to refresh the page.

Once the first image shows, you can click 'Choose Images' again and select multiple additional images by holding the ctrl key down on your keyboard while you click to select them.

After you add them they will upload and display below:

To add video, or a matterport 3d tour, click on the appropriate tabs above:

  • To add a YouTube video, you just need the link to the video.

  • You may upload a video file, the maximum file size is 128MB.

  • To add a Matterport 3D virtual tour, you need the link to the tour.

After adding all of your media content, click on the 'Continue To Step 3' button on any of the tabs, at the bottom.

On the following page, review the images you have uploaded. Add a label and description for each.

At the bottom, you can also select what kind of music (if any) that you want played during the presentation video:

Below the music selection, click to continue to step 4.

On this last step, you will arrange the order of the images or other media you uploaded. Simply click and drag the items to order them. An orange vertical bar will indicate the position you can release the item into.

You can do this on each tab. On the media types tab, you can set the order in which the media types appear on your tour.

Click on 'Post Your Listing' on the Presentation/Listing Video tab.

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