Your book of business or sphere of influence (SOI) is the most important aspect of your real estate business. Engaging with your contacts regularly is part of the recipe for successfully converting them to current and past clients.

In order to effectively engage with and nurture them, you should regularly review their activity, past conversations, and any notes you have gleaned from your interactions with them. That is where their contact record in the Smart CRM becomes a vital tool for you.

To access a contact's record, you must first be logged into your kvCORE account.

1. Navigate to the Smart CRM tab to the left.

2. Search for the contact and click on their name.

The contact's record will open to the Timeline by default, enabling you to easily review their activity and past engagements along with other details.

You can send any needed communications from their record as well as view and adjust their Search Alerts, Smart Campaigns, and more.

A contact record can be split into four sections:

  1. Left: this holds their details, contact information, and insights.

  2. Middle: this will show the Timeline by default. Here you can view all activity.

  3. Right: this gives you more actions to take with that particular contact, including emailing, texting, adding a note, creating a task, viewing/editing all auto communications, and much more.

  4. Navigation Bar (top): there will be sections for the timeline, profile details, alerts, files, transactions, and tasks. You can edit any of those sections using the corresponding tab.

Left - Contact Profile

The left column holds that person's name, status, star rating, lead type, contact information, and summary at a glance.

The summary will always display the initial information kvCORE was able to gather about the contact when they were added to your Smart CRM, like average property details, the creation date, and source.

Hashtags can be edited and viewed from the left side of the contact record using the 'Hashtags' section.

Middle - Timeline, Alerts, & Files

The middle section of a contact's record will default to the Timeline tab which records any activity done by that person, communication to and from them, as well as notes, tasks, and calls that have been created.

If you click on ' Show future touch points' a list of upcoming Smart Campaign-related actions will appear and you may remove any of them if they do not apply to that specific contact.

TIP: Deleting any touchpoint using this method will not affect the Smart Campaign itself; the action will only be removed for this individual person.

Right - More Actions & Auto-Communications

To the right of the contact record, you will find a list of further actions you can take with that particular person, including calling, emailing, texting, adding notes, and sending a CORE Voicemail Drop or CORE Video if you have a subscription to either.

TIP: If any of the action buttons are grayed out it indicates that the contact is unsubscribed or you do not have a subscription to a Marketplace Add-on.

For more information on CORE Voicemail Drop, click here.

For more information on CORE Video, click here.

For more information on dashCMA, click here.

Under the More Actions drop-down, there is an additional list of options that enable you to share or transfer the contact, unsubscribe or re-subscribe them, and much more.

TIP: 'Find on Pipl' - what's that! PIPL is an online identity service that provides personal, professional, social, demographic, contact, and relationship details on a person. You can purchase a PIPL subscription from them directly, and you can find more information on pricing and features on their site:

You can view and edit Search Alerts, Smart Campaigns, Market Reports, and Seller Reports from the right side of the contact profile.

If your brokerage has CORE Present a section will be visible to create/view presentations for the contact.

If your brokerage does not have CORE Present a Listing Valuation section will be visible.

To learn more about CORE Present, click here.

Top - Navigation Bar (Profile Details, Alerts, Files, Transactions, Tasks)

Profile Details

If you click the 'Profile Details' tab from the top navigation you are able to see and edit more information like the assigned Lender, additional phone numbers, their address, and more details on their source.

You can edit most of these fields as desired, however, the Assigned Agent field cannot be edited.

Please Note: The Auto Dial field under Call/Texting Options dictates whether kvCORE is allowed to add that particular contact to your daily calls list. If this is set to 'No', that contact will never appear in a daily calls list.

For more information on daily calls, click here.

If you add a property to the Valuation area, the contact will automatically receive a Seller Valuation report for their property. kvCORE will continue to send those emails every 28 days until you remove the address.


If you click into the Alerts tab along the top you will be able to review, edit, enable and disable that contact's search alerts.


If you have enabled your Google/Gmail sync within kvCORE, you can use the Files tab to upload any paperwork, images, etc. to a contact-specific folder within your Google Drive.

This is handy when you need to be able to access a client's information or paperwork from a different device.

For more information on syncing your Google/Gmail account to kvCORE, click here.


If you add a transaction management system (DocuSign, Dotloop or Skyslope) to kvCORE and link a transaction to a specific contact you can view it from the Transactions tab at the top of the contact profile.

To learn more about DocuSign, click here.

To learn more about Dotloop, click here.

To learn more about Skyslope, click here.


If you would like to review the contact's information and notes ahead of completing a task, you will still be able to view and complete any assigned tasks for that particular contact by accessing the 'Tasks' tab at the top of the contact profile.

If you need to see the full list of upcoming or completed tasks, click the 'All Tasks' button.

There you will see the entire list of scheduled and completed tasks.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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