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Join our Coaching team for CORE Next Level Mastermind! Learn next level methods to get the most out of kvCORE and other Inside Real Estate tools.

Your membership includes:

  • New content daily

  • Private Mastermind group to ask questions of some of the greatest minds in Real Estate Growth Marketing and network with other members

  • Strategies for generating leads with social media and more

  • Best practices for converting leads and incubating your sphere

  • Tips and tricks for website design of your Hero Templated site

  • Tactics for integrating third party sources

  • Offline strategies, ie Direct Mail

  • Co-Marketing with your Lender and other partner professionals

  • Live Strategy Sessions

  • 50+ hours of content available now

  • Email and text templates, memes, gifs, and images to use in your own marketing

  • Pre-recorded, rebranded videos you can use in your own marketing

  • Free Report and Webinar slide templates you can use to generate and convert leads

  • And more!!!

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