Facebook AI Advertising and Retargeting is a powerful combination that maximizes the amount of new leads and minimizes your advertising costs. You can elevate your Facebook ads to a whole new level with this add-on!

The Facebook AI Advertising optimizes your ads to pivot according to the ad's targeted area and performance. It also includes a retargeting aspect, meaning your Facebook ad will be repositioned in front of any visitors to your website or those who have clicked on your Facebook ad in the past and it will appear at a time that they may be more likely to convert.

Facebook Ads At A Glance

There are several different package levels to choose from, but all of them include the same components and setup.

  1. Ad copy for Just Listed homes. Your ad will have 5-7 versions running at the same time for the most engagement opportunities.

  2. Desired zip/postal code. Your chosen package level dictates how many zip/postal codes you can choose for your ad to be shown in and the order form will provide space for the allotted amount.

  3. Lead capture form. Once the ad is clicked on by a viewer they will be shown a form asking for their contact information which will then be fed straight into your kvCORE Smart CRM as a New Lead.

  4. Facebook ad specific Hashtag. Every New Lead that is generated from your Facebook ad will automatically have #kvpaidfb applied to their contact record.

To purchase Facebook ads, simply log into your kvCORE account and click into your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the 'Facebook AI Advertising & Retargeting' tile and click "Learn More". Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

Once you chose the website to apply the order to, you will be taken to the order form which will ask you to fill out a few important fields:

  1. Advertising Budget

  2. Zip/Postal Code

  3. Compliance Text

There other other fields of course, but you will probably want to think about these three main fields prior to ordering ads so you know exactly what to expect.

Advertising Budget

The amount of money you budget each month for these Facebook ads will directly correlate with the amount of leads generated each month.

Generally speaking, Facebook's average cost per lead runs about $5-$7, so if you choose to budget $250/month for Facebook ads you can safely estimate to generate around 28-35 leads each month.

Please Note: Inside Real Estate cannot guarantee a specific amount of leads generated each month or their quality as Internet leads usually have a longer buying or selling timeframe.

Zip/Postal Code

Your Facebook ads will be marketed to all adults within a 15 mile radius of your chosen zip or postal code.

You may only submit an order for one zip/postal code at a time, so if you are looking to advertise in multiple locations you will need to purchase each ad individually per zip/postal code.

This helps you keep your advertising organized and makes it easier to know which subscription to adjust budgeting for if you see one location generate more closings.

Compliance Text

If you operate your real estate business in a state or province that requires specific disclaimers to be displayed on any online advertising you use, then you can enter that text in this field.

Please Note: You are responsible for knowing the laws and regulations for your type of business within your area, so Inside Real Estate is not liable for any fees you may incur from a lack of disclaimer text on the ads.

How The Ads Work

Once the order form is submitted you will see a confirmation message appear and the ads will be set up immediately. 5-7 different ad copy versions will be circulated in front of Facebook users 18+ years old whose location is set to your chosen area.

The Facebook ads have an Artificial Intelligence aspect that not only targets Facebook users within a 15 mile radius of your chosen zip/postal code, but also rotates the 5-7 different ad versions based on those users' searches and what ads they are clicking on.

This adaptation based on the users' behavior results in more accurate lead generation since the ads only target those who are capable of buying or selling (no minors accidentally registering) and those in your area of focus who want more information.

TIP: You will probably not see your Facebook ad when using your Facebook account. This is due to various factors, but the most common is that your profile address does not fall into the targeted radius. The second most common reason you will not see your Facebook ad is due to your searching history not matching what the Facebook ad AI algorithm is looking for when finding users to show the ad to.

Once a Facebook user click on the ad they will be asked to provide their contact information on a lead capture form.

They will then need to agree to a general terms of use before submitting their information to you and being added to your Smart CRM as a new lead.

You will receive a new lead notification email with the Source as 'kvPaidFB' and the lead will have that hashtag in your Smart CRM for easy filtering.

TIP: If you have the kvCORE Mobile app downloaded you can also receive new lead notifications as a push notification on your phone.

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If you have any further questions, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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