There are many options for personalizing your kvCORE website: you can change the color theme, what your front page carousels include, what your menu tabs are titled, and much more.

One popular and easy way to personalize your kvCORE website is located at the top of your website settings list and it enables you to change layout of your homepage widgets.

Accessing Your Website Settings

For Agents

  1. Log into kvCORE.

  2. Hover over the Web & IDX tab on the left.

  3. Select 'Website Settings'

For Admins

  1. Log into kvCORE.

  2. Click 'Web & IDX'

  3. Search for the subdomain you wish to edit settings for.

  4. Click 'Edit Settings'.

Choosing Your Template Homepage Widgets Layout

Important: If you have purchased a Semi-Custom Website Template, Custom Featured Areas, or Custom Widgets from your kvCORE Marketplace and Professional Services is currently working on it or has already set it up, the Homepage Widgets layout option explained below will override that customization.

If you have edited any of the Site Editor HTML code, the Homepage Widgets layout option explained below will override that customization.

The first main section of your website settings list deals with your website Template. The second setting in this section is the Template Homepage Widgets and it contains two options for you to use:

  1. Template Homepage Widgets

  2. Use Full Width Custom Area

Template Homepage Widgets

When you first log into your kvCORE account the Template Homepage Widgets drop-down will appear blank and it will default to the Standard layout option automatically.

If you would like to see a preview of the different layout options, you can click on the 'View examples' link underneath the dropdown.

This will bring up a list of examples showcasing each layout option.

Because you can change the layout of the widgets as many times as you would like, you can select an option from the blank drop-down and then click the blue "Save" button underneath it to apply it to your kvCORE website.

Standard Example

Modern Example

Luxury Example

Modern Side-by-Side Example

If you do not like the way it looks you can come back to this website setting and choose another until you find one you would like to keep.

Under the drop-down there are three links:

  1. View examples.

  2. View custom widget layout.

  3. Go to the Site Editor to add custom code.

You do not have to enable any of kvCORE's additional default widgets or edit your homepage widgets' code if you do not wish to. The widget layout option will work with your existing default widgets and code if you want to just change their layout on your kvCORE website.

To learn more about kvCORE's additional default widgets, click here.

To learn more about the site editor, click here.

Use Full Width Custom Area

This is a secondary, optional setting that removes the white margins on either side of your widgets area on your homepage.

If you use full width then the edges of the widgets will run up against each edge of the device being used to view your website.

If you do not use full width then there will be white margins along each side.

TIP: Using full width is recommended since it works well on both smaller and larger screens.

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If you have any questions while using this option, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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