The infographic below illustrates basically the high-level steps that kvCORE takes when it is deciding how to route which leads to who.

Lead routing is highly configurable, as such if you can imagine it we can very likely accomplish it! Regardless of how your routing is configured, these basic steps are always followed.

Lead Routing Rule Tracking

You can Track how a Lead was routed within the lead's profile within their timeline. To access this click on the lead's name and scroll all the way down the lead's timeline.

In this area, you can click on the "View Routing Info Link" to better understand why the lead was routed this way.

There may also be times when a Lead does not match a Lead Routing Rule that you have set in which a different note will be left in the lead's timeline stating this and will label why in the "View Routing Info Link"

When you click on the "View Routing Info Link" this will open a new window showing the reasons and steps as to why the lead met this specific Rule and explain each step of the way as to how the lead met the rule or bypassed. See the examples below to view how the Leads get checked with your Rules and why certain Rules can be skipped.

This will help you track and understand why leads were routed to specific agents.

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