The Listings tab is a direct feed to your MLS and will display the most up-to-date and correct info possible.

Your Listings tab is a hub of information, meaning you can access listing data from other agents and brokerages as well as look up your own properties and filter through the listings to find the perfect one.

To access this info just click on the Listings tab in the navigation menu.

Clicking on the tab will bring you to all MLS listings. If you'd like to choose your specific listings, brokerage listings, manual or sold listings (when applicable) you can hover your cursor over the listings tab for the pop-out menu.

Filter and Search Bar

The filters available in your Listings tab are similar in its' function to your Smart CRM filters. However, they are completely tooled to your MLS and the Listings information.

The search bar allows you to search for Listings by address or Listing ID, and you can also search for multiple listings by separating the Listing ID's with a comma.

MLS and Listings

The Listing tab will always bring you back to the MLS Feed overall so that you can view the currently available listings. To get more details about a specific listing you can click on the address to bring you to the Listings Details page.


The Manual tab within your listings tab brings you to the area for your Manually added listings, this could be an exclusive listing that has not hit the market yet or one of your previously sold listings.


The Sold Tab brings you to all of the previously sold properties that were once active within the MLS.

Please Note: Not all MLS support sold data in kvCORE

More Actions and Emailing and Texting your Leads

With these options, you can select the listings you wish to send to your contacts. You can message them to a single user or group of contacts using hashtags

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