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Choosing Your Listing Carousels

Just Listed, Just Reduced, and Open Houses

My Listings and Sold

Area-Specific Listings

Your kvCORE website is designed to be consumers' one-stop shop for all listings in the area(s) they are looking at. The listing carousels that are featured on the front page showcase the specific types or locations of listings that you would like to bring immediate attention to.

For instance, if you would like to feature properties whose price was recently lowered, you can feature listings under a Just Reduced carousel that fit that circumstance. Or you could set one of the carousels to show listings in a particular city or neighborhood to generate more leads interested in an area that you work in regularly.

Choosing Your Listing Carousels

By default, the carousels on your kvCORE website will showcase 'Our Listings', 'Just Listed', and 'Just Reduced'.

TIP: The 'Our Listings' carousel will show your Office's listings from all Agents unless you have your MLS ID in your kvCORE profile. If you have your MLS ID in your profile, 'My Listings' will display instead. To learn more about your MLS ID, click here.

If you would like to adjust any or all of the carousels, you can easily do so in your Website Settings section of kvCORE.

1. Log into kvCORE.

2. Hover over the Web & IDX tab on the left.

3. Select 'Website Settings'.

4. Click on the "Listing Carousels" link to the left.

This shortcut will take you straight to the three carousel options where you can then click on each drop-down to choose a different option.

Besides the default options, you can choose from displaying Open Houses, Sold listings, and listings in a specific area. Alternatively, you have the option to disable one or more of the carousels from appearing by selecting 'Off' from the list.

Just Listed, Just Reduced, and Open Houses

Based on the information from your associated MLS board(s), Just Listed, Just Reduced, and Open House listings will display in their respective carousels when added or updated in the MLS.

Just Listed properties will be shown in their carousel for the first 5 days after being added to the MLS.

Open House properties will show as long as the MLS includes that information in the IDX feed provided to Inside Real Estate.

Please Note: Not all IDX feeds support the Just Listed or Open House carousel feature, so if you do not see any listings appear after selecting one of those options, it is most likely not a bug. You may still, however, reach out to Support to confirm.

My Listings and Sold

You have a huge opportunity to highlight your personal listings right on the front page of your kvCORE website so double-check that your MLS ID is in your profile!

If you experience any issues with adding it or getting your listings to display in the carousel or 'My Listings' webpage, please reach out to Support with one of the Listing IDs for an Active listing you have.

Sold listings can and should be displayed on your website to showcase your past inventory and encourage new Sellers to work with you as their real estate agent. The Sold carousel only displays your personally Sold listings, so in order to have properties show in this area you will need to have first manually added them to the Listings tab in kvCORE.

For more information on adding Sold listings, click here.

Area-Specific Listings

When you click on the 'Area' option for a carousel, you will notice a second field where you can select your desired location from the drop-down that appears.

TIP: If you do not see a drop-down list or if the list does not contain the Area you would like to choose, you can adjust the list of Areas in the Web & IDX tab.

1. Hover over the Web & IDX tab to the left.

2. Select 'Site Content' from the pop-out menu.

3. Click on the 'Service Areas and SEO' link.

If you do not have any Service Areas on that page, click on the green "Add All From MLS" button to the right. This will populate a list of all Areas, Cities, and Neighborhoods that your MLS board(s) send to Inside Real Estate via their IDX feed and you can adjust the list as desired.

For more information on Service Areas, click here.

If you do see Service Areas on that page, use the search field at the top of the list to add a missing Area. If the name does not pull up as you type it then your MLS does not recognize that as an Area with listings or the MLS that does recognize that Area is not associated with your kvCORE account. Please reach out to Support for more assistance if this occurs.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while choosing your listing carousels, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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