Inside Real Estate has partnered with BombBomb to bring CORE Video to kvCORE and every user now has access to the basic version of CORE Video powered by BombBomb at no cost.

CORE Video - Basic allows each user to send up to 10 video messages per month, but if they would like to send more there is the option to purchase a subscription for CORE Video Premium Powered by BombBomb from the Marketplace tab. For more information about CORE Video Premium, click here.

In addition to individual users being able to purchase CORE Video Premium, there is an option to purchase a bulk version via CORE Video for Groups. Admins can purchase a CORE Video subscription for their whole account or for a specific group, like a Team or Office.

CORE Video for Groups At A Glance

To get started, just log into your kvCORE account and navigate to your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the CORE Video for Groups tile and click "Learn More". Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

A minimum of 5 users is required to set up a CORE Video for Groups subscription, but there is no maximum limit on how many users you can include.

Once you click on the green "Add to kvCORE" button you will fill out a form with your information and a Customer Success Manager will reach out to gather further details from you in order to set up the subscription.

Please Note: Whomever fills out the form to purchase CORE Video for Groups will automatically become the main point of contact and will eventually be set up as the payer for that subscription.

The Customer Success Manager will provide further details like pricing and commitment timeframes and they will send you a contract to sign in order to get everything set up.

You will also need to provide them with a list of the users' names and email addresses in kvCORE so Inside Real Estate can successfully enable CORE Video access for everyone.

The Customer Success Manager will then confirm once the subscription has been set up so you can inform your Team, Office, or account as a whole.

Ready to purchase CORE Video for Groups? Click here to go to your Marketplace tab!

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How to Use CORE Video

If you have any questions or need further assistance with CORE Video for Groups, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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