We've partnered with Tax1099, powered by Zenwork, to provide a simple way to generate your 1099s. Your data can be imported directly into their 1099 portal. Tax1099.com will create your forms, which you'll be able to view and edit before submitting to the IRS and state, if applicable.

You'll also be able to select from USPS and email vendor form delivery options. Tax1099 Essential accounts are free to create, and pay-as-you-go to use. For more information or assistance with Tax1099.com, please contact Tax1099 representative Tracey Herrig by phone: 952-943-8877 or by email: tracey@zenwork.com.

The 1099 reports can be found in your account. These are mainly found under Money > 1099's Export:

To pull the agent data, please select either Agent’s Gross or Agent’s Net, and select the correct year from the drop down. Typically this is the prior year.

If you have Vendor accounts that are paid via ACH, please use the Vendor 1099s option, and pull the data for the correct year.

To verify the 1099 information, please use the report found under Reports > Agent 1099s Report. This will show the transactions and any Other Income entries that make up the final numbers you see in the 1099 data.

All of these can be downloaded as excel files and are based on the Pay Date of the transaction, not the close date.

​For example:

If a transaction has a close date of 12/20/2019 and a pay date of 1/13/2020 then it will be included in the 1099 data for 2020. ​

If a transaction has a close date of 12/27/2020 and a pay date of 1/05/2021 then it will not be counted as income for 2020, it will be counted as income for 2021 and included in that year's data.

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