Within each lead profile, there is a section that allows you, the Assigned Agent, the ability to assign a Lender to that contact. This is a basic function but it serves a major purpose. Sharing a contact with a Lender gives them access to the details of that contact in their own kvCORE dashboard, making it quick and easy for the Lender you work with.

There are four ways contacts get shared to a Lender that you're working with in kvCORE.

  • If you connect a preferred Lender to your Agent profile settings.

    • To learn more about connecting your Lender partner, click here.

  • If a Lender is specified in lead routing rules.

  • If you manually assign a Lender from within the contact's profile.

  • If you assign a Lender from within the contacts profile in the kvCORE mobile app.

Please Note: In order for any Lender sharing to be possible, an Admin must first add the Lender to kvCORE.

How to Assign a Lender to an Individual Contact

Step 1. - Click on the contact Name to open up the contact's profile. You can do this through the Smart CRM, Dashboard, or by searching for the contact with the Search option in the toolbar within kvCORE.

Step 2. - Once the contact profile is open click the 'Profile Details' tab at the top of the contact record.

Step 3. - Click 'Edit Details' and scroll down to the Lender section.

Step 4. - You can then select from the dropdown or type out your Lenders name to add them to the contact. Make sure to save changes once you have added the Lender of your choice.

Note: If you do not see your Lender of choice it's possible that they have not been added to the kvCORE platform. If you're an Agent and need your Lender added to kvCORE please reach out to your Admin for assistance!

Admins, for information on adding Lenders to kvCORE, click here.

Sharing a Contact with a Lender in the kvCORE Mobile App

Open the contacts tab in your mobile app, and then find and open the contact you want to share.

When the contact is opened, tap on the profile tab, and then tap on edit for the assigned lender row to search for and assign an available lender.

How to Add a Lender to a Group of Specific Contacts

This is great to use when you have a Lender that covers a specific area or maybe a specific type of listing. Using Smart CRM Filters you can find the contacts you'd like assigned to a Lender and add them at once.

Step 1. - Click on the Smart CRM tab from the main navigation menu of kvCORE.

Step 2. - Filter your contacts to find the specific list you'd like to assign the Lender to. To learn more on utilizing Smart CRM Filters, click here.

Select the checkboxes next to the Contact name or select the checkbox next to "Name" to select all of the contacts on that page.

Step 3. - Click on the 'More Actions' tab above the leads, and from the dropdown and select 'Assign Lender'.

Step 4. - A popup will appear where you can choose the Lender you would like assigned to this group of contacts. Once you have selected the Lender click 'Assign Lender' on the bottom left.

Once you have assigned the Lender a confirmation will appear on the bottom left, stating 'Lender assigned'.

Important Lender Functions

When you add a Lender to the assigned Lender section of a leads profile that Lender now has access to view all the content and communication for that specific contact as well as the ability to communicate with that Lead via email through kvCORE.

Please Note: The Lender does not have the ability to communicate with the contact via Smart Number, so they cannot call or text the contact through kvCORE.

If you have a Preferred Lender that you would like all of your contacts to be assigned you can set this through the Preferred Lender Section in your Agent Profile. For more information on adding your preferred Lender, click here.

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