Lenders can use kvCORE similarly to Agents. This means that although they have their own kvCORE accounts there are some big differences. In this overview, we will go over the tools and settings within the Lender profile.

Note: While Agents can access a Lender profile they cannot edit it or change it, only the Lender themselves or the Admin has the capability to change the Lender's info.

How to Access the Lender Profile

If you are an Agent or an Admin trying to access the Lender profile then you can do so by accessing the 'Lender' tab from the primary dropdown in the top right corner of your account. Then, select the 'Lenders' tab.

If you are a Lender you can access your profile through a similar process. First, click on your email from the top right corner but instead click on 'My Profile' from the dropdown and you will be brought to your Lender profile.

How to Edit a Lender Profile?

Access the Lender's profile, once there you will see a blue 'Edit Profile' tab above the Lender info towards the center of the page (upper right corner of the Lender profile).

Once you click on the Bue edit tab you will now have the ability to view and edit the Lender information.

Information that every Lender profile should have:

  • Name - This is important as leads would need to know who the Lender is.

  • Profile Image - Upload an image from your device or grab the Image URL and save it to your profile.

  • Email -This information will not only be used to login but also to email leads through kvCORE.

  • Cell Phone - The cell phone for a Lender will be used as a contact method but also to notify lenders of activity with their leads.

    • Please Note: You can add a direct, or office phone number but the cell phone is required to be filled out.

  • Pre-Approval link - This is very important, as this is the Lenders site link. This will be hosted on any Agent sites as well as the Office sites, to direct the leads to the Lender website to start the Pre-Approval process.

  • About Me - This will be the 'About Me' section with the Lender Profile. It will show on Agent sites who have this Lender added as a Preferred Lender. This should be a couple of sentences to help leads see who they might be reaching out to.

  • Signature - Any communication from kvCORE will include a signature from the Lender as long it is set within the Lender Profile.

Lender Settings

You can find the Lender settings in the Settings tab to the right side of the Lender profile.

The Lender Settings tab within a Lender Profile is almost Identical to an Agent Profile.

  • Lead Privacy - Lenders can add in private contacts just like agents, they can manually add their own leads to the kvCORE system.

  • On Vacation - This setting allows the Lender to place themselves out of the lead rotation and prevent automated communication during the selected dates.

  • Call Creation - This allows for a set amount of calls to be scheduled for uncontacted leads within the Lenders CRM. These could be assigned leads from the Agent or brokerage as well.

Lender Actions

The 'More Actions' tab can be found on the right side within the Lender profile just under the Settings.

  • Change Password - This allows for the Lender to change or reset their password so that they can log in to kvCORE with new credentials.

  • Hide Lender - This only removes the Lender from the Offices roster through the Finance tab so they are hidden on the front end through the Office site.

Tools That Are Restricted From the Lender

While Lenders have access to kvCORE just like an agent would, they do not have full functionality of all of its tools.

Lenders do not have access to a kvCORE website like an Agent would, this means that any of the tools such as Landing/Squeeze pages or the Web and IDX tab are restricted from use by the Lender.

The Smart Number tool in kvCORE is also restricted for Lenders. The Smart Number tools include Automated or Manual Calls and Texts from kvCORE are restricted, so this means that tools like the Scheduled calls/texts from Smart Campaigns, Alerts, or even Text Codes are restricted. Lenders can send outbound texts, however, any responses will be sent to the Assigned Agent.

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