Pond Accounts are a valuable asset to any Office or Team, especially when it comes to minimizing lead loss and maximizing Agent availability. Ponds provide flexibility when assigning New Leads, the structure around Agents working the leads, and more coordination when recycling cold leads.

There is no limit to how many ponds can be created for an Office or Team so each entity can have as many ponds as they need to hold different types of contacts, such as Renters, Sellers, Source-specific, or Price-specific, with Agents, added to it as desired.

Please Note: Only Admins are able to create and manage pond accounts. Agents can only be added as members of the pond and view/claim the added contacts.

To learn how to create a pond account, click here.

Pond accounts are also a great way to recycle old/cold contacts so Agents and Admins can transfer ownership of any contacts they choose to the pond, allowing other Agents a chance at closing them.

The ability for Agents within an Office or Team to grab "first come, first serve" contacts can create a healthy competition between them and empower newer Agents with a source for growing their pipeline.

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Working In A Pond

Claiming a Contact

Adding a Contact


Working In A Pond

Any pond accounts you may be associated with will appear along the top of your Smart CRM in kvCORE. You can differentiate between your saved filters and pond accounts because ponds will have a water droplet next to their name.

Both Admins and Agents can click into a pond and see the list of currently added contacts along with the pond's analytics across the top.

You can filter through this pond's contacts by using the green "Filters" button to the left or search like you normally would in your own contacts list. Agents do not have any mass action options, however; only an Admin can mass email/text the pond's contacts or export a list of them.

Claiming a Contact

There are 2 ways for a pond contact to be assigned to an Agent:

  1. The Admin assigns the contact directly to an Agent who is a part of the pond.

  2. An Agent claims a contact from the pond.

Admins can quickly assign out pond contacts by using the "Assign" button in the Actions column to the right.

Agents can easily claim a pond contact by clicking on a contact's name, reviewing their details and Timeline, and then clicking the blue "Claim Contact" button in the bottom left of their contact record.

You can see all the claimed and unclaimed contacts in a pond by checking the Claimed By column on the right.

Unclaimed contacts will show as assigned to whoever was appointed at the main pond user. This means meaning that all communications sent to contacts in this pond account will come from this Agent and include their profile information for the contact to respond to.

TIP: Admins should inform the pond's Agents who was appointed as the main pond user to avoid confusion when claiming contacts.

Claimed contacts in the pond will remain visible in the pond, but Agents will also see these contacts in their main CRM list as well. When an Agent claims a contact any automation they have set up for their account will automatically apply to this contact.

This means that a default Smart Campaign can apply to this claimed contact and behavioral automation can be triggered if it is enabled. A Smart Campaign added by the pond's Admin will be automatically removed once the contact is claimed.

Adding a Contact

There are 3 ways contacts can be added to a pond:

  1. Pulled in via filter or hashtag by Admin upon creating the pond account.

  2. Manually transferred by an Admin or Agent.

  3. Automatically added to the pond via lead routing rule(s).

For more information on the first option, click here.

Agents or Admins can transfer their personally owned contacts to the pond by checking the box to the left of the contact's name and using the More Actions drop-down to move them to a pond the user belongs to.

Please Note: Because the contacts in a pond fall under the Office or Team it was created for, you also transfer ownership of that contact when moving them to a pond. Once ownership of that contact has been transferred, it is irrevocable.

The Office or Team Admin for the entity a pond is under can set up a lead routing rule to automatically add New Leads to a pond when they are added to kvCORE. Ponds cannot be added to a lead routing rule at the Company level.

Keep in mind that a contact can only be in one pond at a time - they will need to be removed from one pond if you would like it to be moved to another.

To learn more about lead routing rules, click here.

All you have to do is create a new lead routing rule or edit an existing one and make the pond a recipient of the leads you determine. You can route leads to a pond using their source, an associated hashtag, or deal type, among other options.

If you are an Admin, learn how to create a pond account by clicking here!

Please Note: A lead routing rule cannot contain agents AND a pond - it must be a single pond or agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not the Pond Admin or Appointed Agent. Will Smart Campaigns continue to run for leads I send to a pond?

No. When an Agent transfers their contact to a pond - all prior Smart Campaigns from the original Agent will be removed from the contact. Eligible Smart Campaigns from the Admin or Appointed Agent will be assigned to the contact and run when added to the pond (until claimed).

I'm the Pond Admin or Appointed Agent. I'm assigning one of my own contacts to the pond. Will the Smart Campaigns continue to run?

Yes. As the Pond Admin or Appointed Agent, the leads you assign to a pond will have the same Smart Campaigns assigned to them, until claimed.

Can I create routing rules under the Company that include ponds?

No. Only Offices and Teams can add ponds to their entity routing rules.

I sent a lead to a pond but I'm still showing as the assigned agent. Is everything working?

Yes. When a lead is moved into a pond, the previously assigned agent will still show as assigned. The assigned agent will continue to show assigned until the lead is claimed by another Agent.

I'm an Admin. An Agent was in an Office with a particular pond. They've since been moved to a different Office that does not have access to that pond. Will the agent still be a part of the original pond?

No. If an Agent/pond member is removed from the pond’s entity, later on, they will also be removed from the pond.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while using a pond, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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