Smart Campaigns are arguably the most important piece of kvCORE's automated nurturing plan. Smart Campaigns are designed to prompt responses and open that window of opportunity for you to begin or continue a conversation with a potential Client.

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While there are many different Triggers you can use within a Smart Campaign that will tell kvCORE who to add the campaign to and when to begin the drip of messages, date-based campaigns can be utilized in a variety of ways which makes this Trigger one of the more popular options.

Building a Date-Based Smart Campaign

In order to create a Smart Campaign with a specific date as the Trigger, you will need to be logged into your kvCORE account.

1. Navigate to the Marketing tab to the left.

2. Click on the blue "Manage Campaigns" button in the Smart Campaigns tile.

3. Click on the green "+ Add Campaign" button to the right.

4. Click on the white "Specific Date Occurs" button at the bottom of the 'Start Campaign When' section.

TIP: This is the first step in creating a Smart Campaign and where you decide how the campaign should "trigger", or what criteria you want kvCORE to look for when deciding who to add to this particular campaign.

5. You can choose one of 3 Date Types:

  1. Birthday

  2. Purchase Anniversary

  3. Specific Date

Please Note: Both Birthday and Purchase Anniversary will use the date that exists in the contact's record, so make sure that your contacts have these dates filled out prior to assigning this campaign to them.

You do not have to toggle on the Last Closed or Birthday field in a contact's record, however, in order for the Smart Campaign to trigger properly. Only the the date needs to be filled out.

The option for both Birthday and Purchase Anniversary asks you to choose whether the campaign should begin on, before, or after the date in the contact's record.

If you have behavioral automation already enabled for a specific contact to send them a birthday/anniversary message, you can still add this birthday/anniversary Smart Campaign. It will override the behavioral automation and only the message(s) in the campaign will send.

If you select the Specific Date option, it will ask you to choose that date so it can Trigger on that day.

Additionally, you can choose to have a Specific Date campaign rerun every year on that date. This is helpful when sending out holiday greetings or messages for other recurring events.

6. The last step is to decide whether you would like to use an additional qualifier. The date chosen simply tells kvCORE when to begin sending the Smart Campaign's message(s) to a contact it is associated with.

Using a qualifier means that kvCORE will look for contacts that are added to your Smart CRM moving forward that also have this qualifier.

If kvCORE identifies a new contact that has (or does not have) the Hashtag, Status, Source, or System Source qualifier that you chose, it will automatically assign this Smart Campaign to that contact. And then on the chosen date it will begin sending the message(s).

Now that you have completed the specific date setup, you can continue to create the rest of the Smart Campaign!

TIP: The 'Always Run' setting for Smart Campaigns does not apply to date-based campaigns so if a campaign is already assigned to a contact, your date-based campaign will trigger without issue.

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while creating date-based campaigns, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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