After you have generated a listing presentation, organized the content into a listing presentation, and shared or reviewed it with your Seller/Buyer, CORE Present will automatically begin recording their interaction with the data.

That information is recorded within each presentation and is easily viewed in the Past Presentations area of your CORE Present dashboard. Every presentation you create is saved and you have the ability to rebuild it with updated information as needed.

Those past presentations, their updated versions, and recorded interaction from your contacts will all be saved for you to access at any point, both in kvCORE and CORE Present.

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Past Presentations

Rebuilding Presentations and CMAs

Accessing Tracked Activity

Downloading a PDF

Emailing a Presentation

Deleting a Presentation

Presentation Analytics

Activity Stream and Contact Record

Business Analytics

Past Presentations

To review a list of all created presentations, log into your kvCORE account, click the CORE Present tab under 'Marketing' from the main navigation, and scroll down.

This area of CORE Present displays an overview of the totals and averages across all of your presentations. This way, at a glance, you can view your total presentations, average time spent on the presentations, open rate, and average seller and buyer response (if applicable).

If you scroll down all of your saved listing presentations for future use along with additional options like rebuilding an existing presentation, reviewing clients' tracked activity within a particular report, and deleting a saved presentation are available.

Every property address you have created and saved a presentation for will be shown in an expandable list with any rebuilt reports falling under that address in order of newest to oldest.

To the right of this list there are several actions you can take:

Rebuilding Presentations and CMAs

To rebuild a CMA and listing presentation, click the green 'Rebuild' button.

This allows you to easily pull updated information into the same type of report and presentation without having to recreate everything or create a slightly different version of the report and presentation to compare different data points while retaining your original version.

Accessing Tracked Activity

To review your client's behavior while viewing the CMA listing presentation you built for them, simply click on the Analytics icon to the right of the report.

At the top of the popup, this will show you the average time spent, how many slides they viewed and the last time the presentation was opened.

If you scroll down to the table you can switch between 'Time On Page' and 'Page Views'. This gives you the opportunity to see how long your contacts are viewing each individual page, and take note of any pages they've come back to multiple times.

When looking at the 'Time On Page' section a pointing icon will be visible if the page includes interactivity. If the icon is green, that means your contact engaged with the page. If the icon is grey it means they did not engage.

If you click on the green icon a popup will appear, showing you a heat map of their activity.

TIP: This is a great engagement opportunity for you! When you receive the email notification listing your client's session details, check out the suggested follow-up responses to move forward!

At the bottom of the pop-up suggested follow-up emails will appear. If you click the little green checkmark to the left of the one you'd like to use, an email automatically opens with the information you selected already populated.

Downloading a PDF

To download a PDF just click on the PDF icon to the right of the report and that will open the printable version of the CMA report in a new browser tab. You can then choose to download it to your device and print or share it.

Emailing a Presentation

If you would like to quickly send a presentation to someone, perhaps a relative or spouse of your main contact, you can click the Email icon to the right and enter that person's email address along with a customized message.

Deleting a Presentation

CORE Present will never automatically delete an existing presentation or any of its rebuilt versions, but if you would like to remove an older presentation you can easily do so by clicking the 'X' icon to the right.

Please Note: There is no way to retrieve a deleted presentation at this time.

Presentation Analytics

In addition to the Sessions column to the right of each presentation within CORE Present, you can also access a specific contact's interaction with a presentation from their contact record in kvCORE, the Dashboard's Activity Stream, and the Business Analytics tab.

Activity Stream and Contact Record

When someone opens a presentation, that action is automatically recorded by CORE Present, logged in the Sessions area, and passed to kvCORE where it will display in your Activity Stream.

If you are in a contact's record you can also access the list of their activity by clicking on the blue link that appears in a CORE Present note in the Timeline.

Clicking this link will open up the Sessions section in CORE Present for that presentation.

These insights are a fantastic source to leverage when determining what your Sellers/Buyers are the most interested in. If they spend a lot of time on one slide or come back to to review specific information multiple times, you can easily turn that into a conversation and move the relationship forward.

Business Analytics

In the Business Analytics tab of kvCORE, there is a CORE Present section that can be extremely useful for Admins.

After clicking on the "CORE Present" button to the right of the Business Analytics tab, Admins will be taken to an analytics dashboard where you can see CMA reports and listing presentation statistics across any Office and/or Team you are an Admin over.

The Engagement Metrics display how many CMA reports/listing presentations were sent in total over the last 3 months, the average amount sent per Agent, and the average open rate.

The Tracking Feedback area breaks down the feedback from the last presentation slide and sorts it between Sellers and Buyers.

This is a huge asset because it provides you insight into what kind of blockers the Seller and Buyers your Agents are meeting with run into that prevent them from moving forward.

You should review this information consistently and plan time to review the feedback with each of your Agents so they have strategies for handling the different types of responses for the "Need more time" option at the end.

Lastly, the Agent Performance area at the bottom lists your Agents within the Office or Team entity you are viewing and shows how often they are using CORE Present, their average open rate, and top feedback.

This empowers you to have specific conversations with each Agent to help them improve their conversion rates based on the feedback they receive most often from Sellers or Buyers who do not move forward.

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If you have any further questions about past presentations, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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