There are many aspects of CORE Present that sets it apart from traditional CMA building: the ease of building a report, the effectiveness of how the data is visually displayed, and its transparency for your clients.

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This is due in large part to the big picture pricing range that is located prominently in your listing presentations and within the CMA builder tool in CORE Present.

Adjusting this pricing picture is the third step of creating a CMA report using CORE Present. You are able to review all matching comparable listings, feature or remove those results, and add any other listings using market trends and/or features.

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Adjusting Your Pricing Picture

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Adjusting Your Pricing Picture

Along the top of the pricing range there are five areas that provide you with additional options for featuring comparable properties. These can be used to further reinforce your suggested listing price or offer amount.

Review Results

All the matching, comparable properties will display in a list under this area. On the left side you will see Green Active listings appear at the top, Yellow Pending listings are next, with Red Closed listings at the bottom.

Please Note: The property's details will show as entered by the Listing Agent in the MLS. At this time there is no way to adjust the property's details.

From the right side you can quickly add or remove that comparable from the pricing range display by clicking on "Feature" or "Delete". Under these buttons you can also leave a note for this specific property that your Seller can see in their version of the report.

At the very top of the property list on the left you can click on the "View All On Map" to return to the original map view.

TIP: If you remove a listing from the results list by clicking "Delete", it will still show in the list to the left as a grey option. If needed, you can click "Undo" to include it as a viable comparable again.


Featuring market trends for Active, Pending, and Closed properties on your pricing range is a great way to showcase prices on the high or low side alongside the nearest or most recent on/off market listings.

CORE Present's default display includes:

  • Active Properties - Average Price & Most Recent

  • Closed Properties - Average Price

TIP: Any trends that you enable will automatically appear below the pricing range so as to not distract from the featured listings above it.


Similar to Trends, this area provides additional options for featuring comparable listings that may have specific interior or exterior attributes.

You can add both Active and Closed property features by using the white 'Active/Pending' toggle at the top.

Occasionally, you may have a Seller Client ask how their listing price may increase if their property had a pool or a view. Using the Features area you can show them visually how a pool may actually decrease their asking price or how a view, which is subjective by nature, may not do anything at all for them.

TIP: Any trends that you enable will automatically appear below the pricing range so as to not distract from the featured listings above it.


By default, CORE Present will display the subject property's Zillow estimate on the bottom of the pricing range.

You may use the Estimates section to remove this data point, however, it is strongly recommended you include it in the initial CMA report you provide your Client with since they most likely have spent every day checking Zillow,, Redfin, etc...and have a preconceived idea of pricing from those websites.

The best part of the Estimates area is the ability to manually add other price opinions that Clients may have coming in from outside influences. In addition to real estate websites, they may have family, friends, and neighbors offering price suggestions that you will need to take into account.

These can be seamlessly included using the Estimates option:

Once added to this area, those additional price estimates will appear at the bottom of the pricing range to further round out your pricing story.

TIP: You can also add your own suggested price by using the 'Agent Price' fields on the top right of the big picture.

Your name, profile icon, and price will appear above the pricing range.


Suppose you were having a conversation with a prospective Seller when they ask you a question about a property's price from down the street. That house has the same bed/bath count, but is priced for more than what you are suggesting for their home and they want to know why.

Hopefully, you were aware of that Active listing down the street and can confidently respond with the answer: that house is significantly bigger with a backyard pool and was thus listed at a higher price.

The Outliers section of CORE Present can help you avoid potentially uncomfortable situations like the one above by highlighting listings that do not quite match your subject property, but physically may resemble it to potential buyers.

You are able to feature smaller or larger properties and listings with more or less beds than your subject property to demonstrate the difference in price those difference can make.

TIP: Any outlying listings that you enable will automatically appear below the pricing range so as to not distract from the featured listings above it.

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If you have any questions about the big picture pricing, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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