Do you find it challenging to position yourself in front of potential Sellers? Have you ever experienced a neighbor or friend choosing another real estate Agent because they were not aware of the value you could bring to their real estate journey? Are you looking for a fresh way to engage with your market and position yourself as an expert?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Nosy Neighbor is the best tool for you to leverage in order to successfully position yourself as a real estate expert in front of your neighbors, potential Sellers, and your area(s) of focus!

The real challenge to winning more listings and growing your inventory is getting in front of the Sellers in the first place. There are many disconnected options for Agents to choose from that makes it overwhelming and confusing at the start.

There is a lot of research that can go into making decisions about what marketing pieces to send (physical or digital), who to send them to (blanket a neighborhood or purchase consumer data), and how to successfully convert the contacts you’ve generated.

Meanwhile, you are also competing with other Agents in that area who are probably using similar methods to yours. Add to all of that the fact that you have a finite amount of resources as an individual Agent that need to be spread across a multitude of different business processes every day and it can get disheartening!

That is where Nosy Neighbor comes in! You purchase one or more zip codes to target potential Sellers in that area and Nosy Neighbor does the rest. It identifies likely Sellers, sends print and digital marketing to those leads, and keeps you on track with nurturing them.

You also have the advantage by exclusively owning that zip code. Once a zip code is purchased, no one else can purchase it through Nosy Neighbor unless the subscription for that zip code is cancelled.

Nosy Neighbor seamlessly integrates with kvCORE, but you do not need a kvCORE account in order to purchase a zip code.

Nosy Neighbor At A Glance

To get started, just log into your kvCORE account and navigate to your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the Nosy Neighbor tile and click "Learn More". Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

If you do not have a kvCORE account, go straight to to reserve your zip code(s). If you have any trouble during the purchase, please reach out to

When you click "Get My Zipcode(s)" from within the Marketplace tile, it will take you to the Nosy Neighbor website where you can enter your desired zip code to view its availability and statistics.

Please Note: If you would like to purchase more than 1 zip code, you must purchase them one at a time. After you have made your first purchase, you can easily add more to your account.

If your zip code is available, click "Purchase Package" at the bottom of the page and fill out your profile information that appears on the next step.

Please Note: If you have kvCORE, you must use the email address in your kvCORE profile so Nosy Neighbor can automatically sync the Prospects from its app to your Smart CRM.

Your contact information, address, photo, and logo are all required in order to set up your profile, and the password you create needs to have at least 8 characters.

While your website link and company name are not required in order to complete the profile setup, you should still fill these fields out so your postcards are sent out with the appropriate information.

After you fill out your billing information on the next step and purchase the zip code, you will be directed to your account's settings section.

The email address you entered during the purchase process will be the email address Nosy Neighbor sends notifications and reminders to. If you would like to connect a Gmail or GSuite email account and receive Nosy Neighbor emails there instead, you can do so in this area.

Please Note: If you are currently using a Gmail or GSuite email account with your kvCORE account, you cannot use the same email account with Nosy Neighbor in this area.

If you have a kvCORE account, click on the 'Connect a kvCORE account' section in order to sync the two systems and allow for Seller Prospects to flow into your Smart CRM.

Last, but not least, you will need to download the Nosy Neighbor app for either Android or Apple. While you can access your basic account information via the Nosy Neighbor website, the app is where you will see all of your zip code and postcard analytics, any Seller Prospects that have opted in to receive information, and more.

After you are done with the Settings section, you can click into the Profile section and review the information you previously entered. You should also fill out your compliance information, like your license number and any required MLS or brokerage compliance text, at the bottom of the page.

TIP: The character limit for your compliance information is 254 characters.

If you would like to preview a sample postcard so you know what will be sent to your chosen zip code(s), you can do so by clicking on the grey "View Sample Postcard" button under your logo.

The third section of your account on the Nosy Neighbor website contains your currently active zip codes along with any past zip codes you may have purchased and then released after the 12 month commitment was up.

You can set the listing price minimum and/or maximum so postcards are only sent to neighbors of a specifically priced listing in that zip code.

And if you would like to purchase additional zip codes, just click on the 'Reserve a Zip Code' link at the top of the page.

Once your account is all set up, you can open the app and familiarize yourself with its features!

For more information on the Nosy Neighbor app, click here.

Nosy Neighbor will now use the MLS data Inside Real Estate receives along with public information to locate currently Active and recently Sold listings in your zip code(s) and send out up to 300 postcards per zip code each month, depending on how many homeowners are identified in each area.

TIP: If you know of a recently Sold or currently Active listing in a zip code that a postcard was not sent out for, check the listing price and compare it against the minimum/maximum price parameters you have set for that zip code.

The postcards for a Sold listing will look the same as the Active listing postcards, but the text will change from "Your neighbor's property on [street name] Just Listed" to "Your neighbor's property on [street name] Just Sold".

Identified homeowners, or neighbors, within a mile radius around the Sold or Active listing will appear in the app along with the contact information Inside Real Estate's public data search yielded.

Please Note: To stay in compliance zip codes in certain MLS’ will use different verbiage on postcards.

The following variations will be used depending on the distance from the just sold/listed property:

0.125 mi: Your neighbor's property around the corner just sold/listed

0.24 mi: Your neighbor's property down the road just sold/listed

0.75 mi: Your neighbor's property just sold/listed less than a mile away

1 mi: Your neighbor's property just sold/listed less than a mile away

The follow MLS' currently use these variations:

Southern Oregon MLS (SOMLS) - 191 - OR

Northeast Louisiana MLS (NELAR) - 379 - LA

Real Estate Information Network (REIN) - 4 - VA

Realtors Association of Northeast Wisconsin (RANW) - 232 - WI

Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) - 21 - WA

Maine Listings (MREIS) - 211 - ME

Canopy MLS (CMLS) (Prev Carolina MLS) - 44 - NC

REColorado (MTOMLS) - 6 - CO

MetroList - 47 -CA

Intermountain MLS (IMLS) - 75 - ID

Fargo-Moorhead Area AOR (FMAAR) - 91 - ND

North Texas Real Estate Info Systems (NTREIS) - 37 - TX

RealComp - 83 - MI

Michigan Regional Information Center (MICHRIC) - 15 - MI

Central Jersey MLS (CJMLS) - 73 - NJ

New Jersey MLS (NJMLS) - 153 - NJ

Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) - 251 - NY

Nosy Neighbor will then use that information to send out communications via postcard and emails until the neighbor requests a free home value estimate. Nosy Neighbor also positions a Google Ad in front of each homeowner for more visibility.

Once they request a home value estimate from the landing page the QR code, emails, and Google Ads link to, that neighbor will turn into a contact within the Nosy Neighbor app and sync into your kvCORE Smart CRM as a Seller Prospect.

Their contact information, past communication details, and any notes you added to the Nosy Neighbor app will show in their contact record. Two hashtags will automatically be applied to their contact record in kvCORE as well: #nosyneighbor and #Zipcode[number].

Please Note: You are unable to remove the #nosyneighbor hashtag from a contact at this time. Keep that in mind when manually adding that hashtag to any other contact, Nosy Neighbor generated or not!

Once in kvCORE the Seller will be subscribed to Market Reports for the zip code they are associated with, property alerts based on the related property's details, and a Nosy Neighbor Smart Campaign will be applied as well. This will all be recorded in their contact record's Timeline for you to review and follow up on.

Nosy Neighbor will no longer send communications to this Seller and the conversion of this person falls to you and kvCORE's automation moving forward.

Now that your zip code has been purchased, your account set up, and you know what to expect from Nosy Neighbor, you can download the app and start farming!

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