A playbook not only automates each step of promoting a listing, it also tracks the results of your chosen plays and provides one place to reference all the links generated.

To learn more about the 'Promote a Listing' playbook, click here.

You will get a full picture of how well the promoted listing is generating activity and you can access any of the marketing pieces in order to re-share them. Because each individual playbook contains the information for one property it is easy to jump straight to a specific property's information.

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Playbook Results


Playbook Results

This section of the playbook displays all the tracked analytics for each marketing play you used. Just click on the white "Playbook Results" button under the listing's address.

You can review each of the plays you choose to run and the activity generated by each one. You will also see a list of the Buyers that were generated from the marketing plays which includes any Buyers you had in your Smart CRM and sent an announcement to.


If, after studying the analytics, you decide to re-share any of the generated links, re-boost the listing, or re-post the Craiglist ad, you can click on the white "Quicksheet" button under the listing's address.

You can quickly copy the needed link(s) or review the message(s) you sent announcing this listing initially. If you decide to reuse any of the links or send another email/text through this playbook, the new information will be added to the analytics for you to review.

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