New leads who register on your kvCORE site and provide their mobile number will see at the bottom of their first text from you:

“If you'd rather not communicate by text message, reply with 'unsubscribe'”

  • This will only impact new leads (that are not manual adds or imports)

  • This will only be added to a text message if it is the first message that has ever been sent to the contact via kvCORE (your existing contacts will not be impacted)

  • You can still email and call these leads

  • You can manually override the unsubscribed status for an individual contact

  • If you find other CRM systems are not doing this, they will soon. We want to be proactive on this issue and on the forefront of protecting our agents.

Some considerations that led us to this step:

  • TCPA Violations carry a $500-$1500 fine per violation - this keeps everyone compliant.

  • Cell Carriers are getting more strict around these rules, and in some cases are blocking senders, so we’re taking a proactive approach to making sure overall deliverability stays as high as possible.

  • By allowing uninterested leads to unsubscribe you keep your database clean and can focus your time on the most interested prospects.

  • We did our best to craft the message in such a way that it wouldn’t encourage the unsubscribe. That said we’ll be monitoring unsubscribe rates and will adjust the messaging if the unsubscribe rate is high.

  • All businesses and your competitors will have to contend with this, so the playing field is level and this won’t cause a competitive disadvantage for you.

What if I do not want that message sent to my leads?

At this time, all new leads must be given instructions in the first text you send them of how they can opt out of text messaging. If you prefer to use your own message instead of ours, include one of the following “STOP” words in your initial text message:

  • Stop

  • Unsubscribe

  • Stopall

  • Cancel

  • End

  • Quit

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