Neighbors who visit your landing page respond to a Nosy Neighbor postcard, email message, or digital ad. They are immediately invited to accept an invitation to receive calls and texts from a real estate professional. Here is an example:

If they are viewing your landing page on a mobile device, the Neighbor sees this:

The key things to notice about this experience is:

  1. The Neighbor is agreeing that real estate professionals may call or text

  2. When the Neighbor taps or clicks the “Accept” button, they are considered a warm prospects in kvCORE

You might be wondering, “OK, so what do I do from here”? This article outlines the three tried-and-true simple steps to transform this Neighbor from someone who you’ve never met and has never seen your name to someone who would consider you when they are ready to think about selling their home.

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to use Nosy Neighbor to successfully reinforce two things to anyone who opts in on your landing page:

  1. Your name as a trusted real estate professional in their area

  2. That you already have something of value to offer them today

You’ll also be more prepared for the unexpected that is eventually going to happen in the course of building your brand.

Step 1: The Introduction

The post opt-in conversation starts with you setting the stage for someone to trust you eventually. It goes something like this:

You: “Hi [Neighbor’s name]....I saw that you were interested in home prices in the neighborhood. I’m [your name]."

Make sure to say "Nice to meet you."

Think of cases where you’re meeting someone in person. You will always say, “nice to meet you.” This is the human thing to do and it applies to telephone conversations too. It takes their guard down and allows for the next step. They will most always respond in-kind, repeating, "nice to meet you too."

Step 2: The Statement of Value

The only way to make a real connection with someone you don’t know is through offering something of value to the Neighbor. So, the next step is to offer them something interesting.Thats where the List Power Analysis comes in. You will offer this person a List Power Analysis, in the following way:

You: “I’m doing a List Power Analysis for some of the homeowners in your neighborhood. Has an agent ever done a List Power Analysis for you?"

Because the Neighbor doesn’t know what a List Power Analysis is, they will almost inevitably say, “no”. The cool thing about this statement is that you’re simply offering them a Competitive Market Analysis (a.k.a. “CMA”).

At this point, you’ve offered this Neighbor something valuable and piqued their interest a second time! (the first time is when you sent them a postcard).

The conversation at this point will move on naturally if the homeowner has immediate interest in selling. But, chances are, they’re more casually interested and you need to help them get to a point where they are ready to list their home. THIS IS FARMING! You’re getting in front of someone BEFORE they’re ready to list their home.

Step 3: Give them time and space

The Neighbors who express curiosity about real estate prices or listings in their area are at varying degrees of reading to purchase. If they were ready to list before you called them a) you’re really lucky, or b) they already have a sign in their yard with another agent. In addition to providing immediate value to them, you’ll continue to provide longer term value as kvCORE sends Listing Alerts and Market Reports. The smart campaign associated with Nosy Neighbor prospects will also remind you when it’s time to call them or check in again with an email several weeks or even months from initial contact. Giving them time and space allows you to put your name in front of them several times over the course of months until they become someone who is ready to sell. Branding and farming is a long term commitment, but it statistically increases your chances of being the one the Neighbor thinks about when they’re ready.

What if the Neighbor has moved? What if the Neighbor says, “you have the wrong person”?

Because we’re using public data from a variety of sources to power our outreach to neighbors near listings, sometimes Neighbor data will be out of date. Nonetheless, farming is more about getting your name out there than getting 100% accurate information.

So, you could have a Neighbor who receives a postcard in their mailbox who has moved (because the US Postal Service forwards mail) or receives a postcard at their address that might’ve been associated with another name. Perhaps it was the previous homeowner, or some other situation. Regardless, a human in that home scanned the postcard. The result is, you might not have the right name, but because that person scanned the postcard, you have a person in your CRM system that expressed interest in the value of their home and it’s an opportunity for a conversation. You will eventually deal with a situation like this one:

You: “Hi Monica....I saw that you were interested in home prices in the neighborhood. I’m [your name]."

Olivia: “You must have the wrong number. This isn’t Monica. My name is Olivia”

You: “I’m sorry Olivia. I’m trying to reach the owner of the home located at 3823 Parkwood Drive and it appears my information might be out of date. Are you familiar with that neighborhood?”

Olivia: “Oh, I live at 3823 Parkwood Drive”

You: “Oh, You must be the new owner then. I’m a real estate agent in the area and I’m doing some work for some of the homeowners in the area. I’m doing something called a List Power Analysis. Has anyone ever done a list power analysis for you?”

Olivia: “No”

You: “It’s something that will take me a couple of days to put together. You said you’re the new homeowner, what interested you about the area?”

You see that it requires being pretty light on your feet. And, as soon as you get updated information, you can update the Neighbor’s record in kvCORE. You might, however, experience a conversation with someone who is not as excited that you called them. That’s OK too because you still have something to offer them. Read on.

Dealing with objections - a little preparation can have a dramatic impact

Sometimes conversations aren’t so pleasant. But, anytime you can turn a negative experience into a positive one, you’ve made a connection. Be prepared to deal with a wide spectrum of “readiness to list”. Some Neighbors might be deeply rooted in their neighborhood, expecting to spend the next 15 years raising their family in the neighborhood. Others might be thinking about retirement in 5 years and how their home might contribute to their ability to do so. Some might not even know how the market has changed in the last 6 months and could be ready to sell after they’ve talked to you. You need to be ready for all levels of “readiness to list”.

For others, you might’ve caught them at a bad time. You might have a conversation like this:

You: “Hi Monica....I saw that you were interested in home prices in the neighborhood. I’m [your name]."

Olivia: “You must have the wrong number. This isn’t Monica.”

You: “I’m sorry Olivia. I’m trying to reach the..."

Olivia (interrupting you): “Please put me on your ‘Do Not Call List’”

You: “I can definitely see where you’re coming from, Olivia and I appreciate your time. Because someone in your home has expressed interest in your neighborhood’s real estate market, I’ve sent you a list of homes on the market. Feel free to peruse those at your leisure. It has my contact information in case you need my help with any information about the value of your home in the future.”

Certainly this person isn’t ready to sell their home. But, there is interest. The win you’ve accomplished with this conversation is you’ve shown respect but will continue to have your name in front of them with Listing Alerts and Market Reports. Everyone likes to look at pictures of homes in their area and that’s the value that you provide them through Listing Alerts. Further, you can see the homes they are interested in and how they engage with Listing Alerts and Property Reports by seeing their activity in kvCORE.

Summary - It’s about being human

An agent said to me once, “when a Neighbor opts in on your landing page, they’ve given you permission to have a conversation. Have faith that they’re a good human being and you’ll be proven correct.” They might not be ready to sell, but farming is not a seller lead vending machine. It’s an investment in your brand. As Nosy Neighbor has tee’d up these conversations, remember the person on the other end of the phone could have serious anxiety about selling, but they’re always willing to look at homes that are for sale in their neighborhood and one day, they’ll be going through a downsizing event, a change in family status, or moving to a new area for a different job. Farming done right and genuine interactions will ensure that it’s your sign that shows up in their yard.

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