The kvCORE Activity section of Business Analytics provides a valuable breakdown of automated lead nurture, lead engagement (both system and agent generated), and the opportunity to evaluate unengaged leads.

kvCORE Activity Overview

Depending on your kvCORE access you'll be able to view different statistics. At the agent level, only the individual agent level stats will be visible. Admins will have access to the agents in their team, office, or company depending on their individual access.

Admins can choose the statistics they'd like to view using the dropdown menu at the top left of the Business Analytics - kvCORE Activity tab.

From there you can view the following sections:

Lead Nurture Automation

Lead Nurture Automation will include search alerts, behavioral alerts, and smart campaigns sent for the last 90 days to your contacts. The chart will include arrows indicating whether more or less have been sent since the previous 90 days.

kvCORE Activity also includes a Lead Nurture Automation graph that will show the daily amount of automated messages sent to contacts.

Lead Engagement

Lead Engagement will show how many phone calls, emails, and text messages were sent and received, as well as how many properties were viewed by contacts. This section shows how many points of engagement with leads have taken place over the last 90 days.

Please note: Lead Engagement shows both inbound and outbound activity

The Lead Engagement section also contains a graph with a daily breakdown of the calls, emails, and texts sent and received, as well as property views.

Lead Response Rates

Coming Soon!

Unengaged Leads

The Unengaged Leads section will show how many contacts in your Smart CRM do NOT have search alerts, market reports, smart campaigns, or are unsubscribed to communications.

You can click the little blue arrow to the right side of each section which will filter your Smart CRM and show you the exact contacts that fall into that specific category (no search alerts, etc).

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