If you are a new Agent just getting started on kvCORE and wondering where to begin or if you are an Agent who has had kvCORE for a little bit and want to optimize it for maximum results, this Marketplace offering is for you!

kvCORE is a very robust real estate platform to run your business on with tools for every aspect; from lead generation and nurturing all the way up to listing and transaction management.

Inside Real Estate's kvCORE Set-Up Service is designed to make simple updates to your website to give it a bit of "Zhusing" up, along with setting up a few lead generation landing pages, assistance with marketing autopilot set up, and other items to help you gain traction in kvCORE while you are learning the system.

While there are many resources for all types of users to take advantage of (the CORE Learning Portal, this Support Portal, and the Agent Success Plan) for self-learning and live group webinars, it can be extremely helpful to have a kvCORE expert set up a few important elements of kvCORE on your behalf to get everything off to a great start.

Please Note: These setup sessions are kvCORE-specific and can not cross over into other platforms you may be using, like CORE ListingMachine or CORE BackOffice.

TIP: Prior to purchasing the kvCORE Setup Service, it is strongly recommended that you complete the Agent Success Plan to get a full understanding of the main elements of kvCORE.

kvCORE Setup Service At A Glance

To get started, just log into your kvCORE account and navigate to your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the kvCORE Setup Service tile and click "Learn More". Please note that Pricing is displayed within the Marketplace tab.

There are 4 elements that are included in this optimization opportunity:

  1. Web & IDX (Website)

  2. User Profile

  3. Lead Engine

  4. Smart Campaigns

Web & IDX (Website)

The first area to be reviewed is your kvCORE website. While the "out-of-the-box" website template is automatically published in conjunction with your kvCORE account and is already set up to generate and nurture your leads, the kvCORE expert will further enhance it.

1. Background Header

When your account is initially created, one of kvCORE's default header images is automatically selected to display as your website's background header image.

This area will be updated to include a video instead of a still image and make your website more dynamic to visitors.

You will be sent a list of options of available videos as well as two locations to find a free video you may be able to use as a background video. If you would rather not use a video, you can add custom images as the background

Keep in mind that the video plays on laptop/desktop access only. The background image will show on a mobile view.

2. Widgets

The kvCORE expert will add 8 featured custom widget City tiles to the site with default images and requested widgets to your site

  • If you need to, you can edit the background images by following a DIY tutorial

  • The requested widgets can include What's My Home Worth, Recruiting, Finance, Just Listed, Open Houses, and other options.

To learn more about widgets click here.

3. Areas We Cover

Along the bottom of your website, there is an 'Areas We Cover' section that lists the MLS Areas that you service.

The list is automatically generated from the MLS Areas provided by your MLS via their IDX feed, but it can be manually adjusted in your Web & IDX tab.

You can then use those as examples of how to optimize the rest of your MLS Areas if you serve more than 8.

The SEO Area Pages via the Web & IDX settings reflect on your site and lend search engine optimization on searches via services such as Google

User Profile

1. Social Links

On the top right of your kvCORE website, your social links will be added to connect all your business platforms and marketing efforts.

You will be asked to provide your social media links for any and all of the below platforms. Please be sure to send the full links to your social media handles when you fill out the form.

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Pinterest

Lead Engine

One of the most important features of kvCORE is the Lead Engine tab to the left of your account. This area houses great lead generation and marketing tools that you can use to grow your new lead pipeline.

The kvCORE Setup Service includes creating lead generation tools on your behalf that you can then use to capture contact information from interested Buyers and Sellers.

1. Landing Pages

There will be 2 landing pages created for your use: a Buyer focused page and a Seller focused page. Each of them will associate a unique hashtag with the New Leads that register for easy organization and communication moving forward.

Buyer Landing Page

The Buyer focused landing page will advertise a niche area of real estate that you select from a list of options or provide yourself.

Foreclosure listings, open houses, price reduced listing, investment properties, and new construction listings are all examples of what you can choose from or use as inspiration to decide on your own area of expertise.

The goal of this landing page is to generate more buyer leads for your pipeline and it will send leads to a list of properties on your kvCORE website that match the niche you have chosen.

The New Leads from the Buyer landing page will also be automatically set up with a Search Alert that matches the niche you have chosen so that they receive regular nurturing without any effort on your part!

Seller Landing Page

The Seller-focused landing page will offer a home value estimation and will send leads to the 'Sell' tab on your kvCORE website where they can see the computer-generated value of the entered address.

If you’re in Canada, you will need to send the CMA yourself.

The expectation is that you will follow up with these new Seller leads to provide them a CMA, which you can do by using kvCORE's default CMA tool, your dashCMA add-on, or another CMA tool you may favor.

These two landing page links will be added to your kvCORE profile's email signature once they are created, capitalizing on your day-to-day communications as yet another way for you to generate leads!

2. Text Codes

Two text codes will be created for you to use in both online and offline marketing efforts. One will be specific for Buyers and the other will be specific for Sellers.

The text code response for Buyers will provide relevant information for their searches and the Seller text code response will ask what condition their property is currently in to effortlessly begin a conversation between you and your New Leads.

Smart Campaigns

kvCORE boasts many priceless automation tools. Smart Campaigns are one of the most powerful automated communication tools you will use.

The kvCORE Setup Service includes the optimization of two default campaigns: 'Default New Lead - Buyer' and 'Default New Lead - Seller'.

These two Smart Campaigns will be added to your campaign library. You will be able to review them and activate the Smart Campaigns if you like. They will not be turned on unless you ask them to be switched on. You can toggle them on or off anytime.

The Set-Up Form

Once you submit your payment information, you will be taken to a new page that will ask you for the information discussed above that will help the kvCORE expert set all of those elements up for you.

After filling this form out with your preferences, it may take up to 5 business days for the setup service to be completed, although it usually averages less than that for completion. When the service is completed, you will receive a recap email that outlines updates, links, and suggested optimizations that you may need to follow up on yourself. This email will also include a link to meet with the Set-Up Service Expert for 45 minutes to an hour after the service is complete.

  • The recap of the online meeting will include;

    • A survey about the service (please fill this out)

    • Link to the video of the recap meeting (you can also download the video)

    • Learning & Supportive materials about the items discussed

    • Additional resources that will come in handy as you are learning kvCORE

Ready to purchase the kvCORE Setup Service? Click here to go to your Marketplace tab!

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If you have any questions or need further assistance while purchasing the kvCORE Setup Service please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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