We've compiled a list of short, effective text or email messages for both your active and inactive contacts to get the most responses.

Active leads

  1. Did you want to get out to see any homes this week?

  2. I can show you any home you want virtually, just let me know.

  3. Do you want to swim in your own pool?

  4. Are schools important to you when choosing the right home?

  5. Just had an opening for _________ do you have any specific homes you want to look at?

  6. Do you have any neighborhoods you are interested in?

  7. What school district is most important to you or does that not matter to you?

  8. I noticed you were looking in _______ is that the only area you are interested in?

  9. Do you know anyone else that is looking to buy?

  10. What are your top 3 must-haves in a home?

  11. Anything you don't like about the homes I have been sending you?

  12. What is a deal killer for you in a home?

  13. You're a homeowner, right?

  14. Check out his killer deal (paste link to good deal home)

Inactive leads

  1. Did you already find a home?

  2. Did you want to get out to see any homes this week?

  3. Noticed you haven’t searched in a while, is everything okay?

  4. Did you buy a home?

  5. Do you need help with a downpayment?

  6. I noticed you stopped searching on (Agent Website). Typically it’s because clients either found a home, are working on credit or saving for a downpayment. Which category do you fall into?

  7. Do you have a home to sell?

  8. Check out this killer deal! (paste link to good deal home)

  9. What happened did I do something to make you stop shopping on ______.com

  10. Did you see this one? ( past link to a home they may like)

  11. What does your perfect home look like?

Seller leads

  1. Do you need to sell before you buy?

  2. Have you already listed your home?

  3. Do you want me to update you on listings that come on the market in your neighborhood?

  4. What upgrades have you done to the home?

  5. Are you looking to upsize or downsize your home?

  6. I am going to do a detailed home evaluation for you would you like that by Friday?

  7. I have a buyer looking in your neighborhood how soon are you looking to sell?

  8. What would you sell your house for today if I had a ready-to-go buyer?

  9. What is your favorite part about your home?

  10. Do you have a pool?

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