Team Admins will have access to edit the Team Profile settings. This is where you can provide vital information to your clients and make your Team website more robust and inviting.

The Team Profile can be accessed by going to the 'Teams' tab from the dropdown menu on the top right of kvCORE.

Please Note: If you are an Admin on multiple Teams you'll need to click into the specific Team that you'd like to edit.

To continue making edits click the 'Edit Profile' button to the right of the Team Details.

Main Team Details

In the main section of the Team Details, you'll be able to edit the following sections:

Team Logo: The Team logo can be updated here. It will be visible on the Team and Agent websites.

Team Name: This is the name of your Team that you'd like to appear to your clients.

Team Tagline: This is the phrase you'd like to appear on your Team site across the banner above your widget section

Team Vanity Name: This is used purely for searches on the backend. This is the name that will appear when Admins search in the "Teams" tab and will NOT be visible in any way to clients.

Make Contacts Private: This checkbox will determine whether you as an Admin have enabled lead privacy. You can update this at any time.

Lead Routing: This button will redirect you to the Team lead routing rules

View/Edit Website: This will redirect you to edit the Team website settings

Team Hashtags: A popup will appear with a list of all of the hashtags added to the Team. All Agents assigned to the Team will have these hashtags added to their personal accounts for use.

Contact Info/Social Media & More

The following sections can be added to the Contact Info/Social Media & More sections.

Contact Info

Phone: The phone number linked to the Team.

Fax: The fax number (if applicable) linked to the Team.

Email: The email address linked to the Team.

Location: The physical address of the Team (if applicable). This will be visible in the footer of the website by default.

Website: The Team website URL. This does NOT have to be filled out.

Please Note: You will NOT be able to update a website domain name from this spot. If you'd like to discuss updating a domain please reach out to support at

MLS ID: The Team MLS ID should be input into this section. The "Our Listings" tab or carousel will not populate unless the proper MLS ID is inserted.

Please Note: If you have multiple MLS IDs at the Team level please separate them with a comma and no spaces.

Timezone: The timezone that your Team operates in.

Social Media & More

You can include social media links for the following platforms:






These links will be visible at the top of the Team website, as well as the footer for all Agents linked to the particular Team.


The About section is where you can include information about your Team or your brokerage. It will be shown on the Team website underneath the widgets section.

If you have any questions on one or more of these options, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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