Utilize Google PPC advertising managed by Inside Real Estate's Advertising Team. If you're looking for Buyers who may potentially want to complete a transaction in the next 3-12 months, direct Google Search leads are a great option!

Inside Real Estate's team leverages their 10+ years of data gathered running Google PPC Campaigns to design your competitive campaign, with a comprehensive list of keyword targets and ad variations that generate you the best cost per contact possible.

Please Note: Per Google Rules you cannot promote your domain from multiple Google Adwords accounts. If you do, your account is subject to suspension by Google. Please make sure when placing your Google Buyer Lead order with Inside Real Estate that you have no other Google Adwords accounts running using the same domain. If you cancel your Google order with Inside Real Estate please do not start a new account/campaign with that domain until that campaign has been paused by the Advertising Team.

How to Purchase Managed Google Pay Per Click Advertising

To purchase Managed Google Pay Per Click Advertising first navigate to the Marketplace tab. Then scroll down to the 'Managed Google Pay Per Click' Tile and select 'Learn More'.

Please Note: Managed Google PPC Advertising is only compatible with kvCORE template websites - WordPress sites will not work with the Google PPC add-on.

You'll then select the website you'd like the Leads to be directed to by clicking the 'Select Website' button in the top right.

Please Note: Admins will be able to purchase advertising for all websites that fall under their admin level (Team, Office, or Company). Agents will only be able to purchase for their individual agent website.

Once you choose the website to apply the order to, you will be taken to the order form to fill out a few important fields:

  1. Advertising Budget

  2. Target Cities

Advertising Budget

The amount of money you budget each month for these Google ads will directly correlate with the number of leads generated each month.

Please Note: Inside Real Estate cannot guarantee a specific amount of leads generated each month or their quality, as Internet leads usually have a longer buying or selling timeframe.

Target Cities

The Advertising Team has the option to target up to 3 cities to run an effective campaign. They will then create ad groups for each individual city, with 2-3 ads per city.

How the Google PPC Ads Work

When someone searches on Google for "homes for sale in ___" or "real estate in __" (or almost any variation thereof) your ads will have a chance to show at the top of the search results. Inside Real Estate aims for the 1st to 3rd position on the first page.

If a user clicks on the ad, it will re-direct them to a search page full of relevant listings on your site. They will be able to view 1 property by default before the system will ask them to register. For more information on registration settings, click here.

Please Note: The Advertising Team recommends leaving the mandate phone setting turned off and the website registration prompt set to default. These two settings can affect lead volume.

Managed Google Pay Per Click advertising is deeply integrated with kvCORE. When a person registers they will become a lead in your Smart CRM. They will be automatically assigned a hashtag (#kvpaidgoogle) and lead Source (kvpaidgoogle) for easy identification and assignment to Smart Campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I target multiple areas?

Yes! You can target up to three cities per campaign.

Please Note: Ads can only target at the city level.

Are the ads customizable/branded?

No, the ads are templated, automatic campaigns that are non-customizable.

Do the ads run on my Google AdWords account?

No, all Google advertising is run on an Inside Real Estate owned and managed Google AdWords account. Advertising will not be set up on agents’ personal AdWords accounts.

Can I add vetting questions to the registration form?

No, the lead capture form that is built into the kvCORE website will be used. This form prompts for an email and phone number. There is no option to add vetting questions.

What contact info does it prompt for?

By default, users will be prompted for an email address and phone number. If phone number mandating is turned on for the kvCORE website then it will force users to input a phone number. However, it is recommended to leave phone number mandating turned off, as it can cause a decrease in lead volume of up to 30%

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If you have any further questions, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing marketplacesupport@insiderealestate.com!

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