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It's crucial to showcase your listings, and what better way than to have a 'My Listings' section on your kvCORE website for contacts to search. Your contacts will still have the entire MLS available by using the search bar that's front and center! However, the 'My Listings' tab on your navigation bar will give them the opportunity to see your specific listings! It will be accessible from the 'Your Agent' dropdown menu.

The 'Search' & 'My Listings' pages will both automatically show your personal listings and indicate that by stating 'My Listings' at the top.

In order to have the 'My Listings' section populate, you'll want to save your agent MLS ID in your Profile. To access this, click the 'My Profile' link from the dropdown menu on the top right. Then select the blue 'Edit Profile' button.

Next, input your Agent MLS ID into the 'Agent MLS ID' section and click 'Save'.

Please Note: If you have multiple Agent MLS IDs please separate them with a comma and no spaces.

Teams - Our Listings

Teams work a bit differently! Instead of 'My Listings' an 'Our Listings' section will become available under the 'Agents' dropdown on the Team website.

As long as the individual Agents on the Team have their personal MLS ID in their Profile this section will appear on the Team website.

Please Note: Agents who belong to a Team but do not have any personal listings will have the 'Our Listings' section populate with their Team listings.

Office - Our Listings

Office Admins will want to put the Broker MLS ID into the 'MLS ID' section.

Please Note: Agents who do not have any personal listings will have the 'Our Listings' section populate with their Office listings (unless they belong to a Team).

My/Our Listings At a Glance

This chart will break down whether "My Listings" or "Our Listings" will be visible on the website and if an MLS ID is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm co-listing a property. Will it populate under 'My Listings' on my website?

Yes! As long as you are listed as the first or second co-listing agent and your Agent MLS ID is in your Profile.

I'm an agent without any personal listings. What will show on my site?

MLS Listings will display under the 'Search' tab. Your Team/Office listings will show under the 'Our Listings' tab.

Will my clients have access to other MLS listings that are not mine/a part of my Team/Office?

Yes! They can use the search bar on your home page or use the filters on the 'Search" page of your site.

I have multiple MLS IDs. Can I add them all?

Yes. Add them into the MLS ID section separated by a comma and no spaces.

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