There are times when a text may not be delivered - and it's understandable that this may cause you some concern. However, there are 4 main reasons a text may not be delivered to a contact.

In any of the below cases, it's recommended to utilize other channels of communication, such as email or voice calls.

1 - The Contact Has Unsubscribed From Text Messages

Contacts can unsubscribe from text messages from kvCORE by replying "stop" to the Smart Number. A note will appear in the lead timeline that indicates they have unsubscribed.

They can also unsubscribe to emails and texts via your website. A note will appear in the contact timeline that notes how they unsubscribed.

2 - The Contact Has Blocked the Smart Number

3 - The Phone Number is a Landline

If a contact's number is a landline and you attempt to text them a note in the contact profile will be added that reads "Disabled texting to customer".

4 - The Contacts Cell Phone Carrier Has Blocked the Message

In March 2017, T-Mobile rolled out a new scam flagging service powered by First Orion. Once a number has been flagged as "scam", future calls to all T-mobile customers are automatically alerted as "Scam Likely". And, when customers enable Scam Block, T-Mobile will stop "scam" calls before they ever reach them. Other carriers such as AT&T have similar policies in place.

  1. You may be able to quickly resolve this problem by using a different Caller ID number when making calls (purchasing a Personal Smart Number can help here!)

  2. Report your Caller ID number as a valid number to T-Mobile.

  3. Register your numbers with

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