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Marketplace Tour

kvCORE Marketplace Tour + Q&A 09.15.21

kvCORE Marketplace Advertising Tour 04.21.21

Marketplace & Advertising Options Tour 06.17.20


PropertyBoost - Launch of SOLD listing boosts and general refresher 09.30.21

kvCORE PropertyBoost - Creating a Manual Listing Boost 09.24.21

PropertyBoost - Launch of SOLD listing boosts and general refresher 09.23.21

Intro/Refresher on PropertyBoost - Short Term Listing Based Advertising to source leads to kvCORE 08.31.21

PropertyBoost Ad Setup Walkthrough 03.31.21

Product Demo - PropertyBoost: Easy Facebook marketing for your listings 01.25.2021

Product Demo - PropertyBoost: Easy Facebook Marketing For Your Listings 01.19.21

Property Boost Targeting Update ("Choose Another City") 06.19.20

Quick Chat About Property Boost 12.6.19

CORE Video

CORE Premium Video Powered by BombBomb 09.22.21

CORE Video Conversion Tactics 09.22.21

Welcome to CORE Video Premium! 03.02.21

Product Demo: CORE Video Powered by BombBomb - Integrating videos to your kvCORE messaging 02.18.21

Introducing CORE Video Powered By Bomb Bomb 06.19.20

CORE Video Mobile App + Video 06.11.20

CORE Present

CORE Present Tour 8.12.21


Dash CMA Walk-thru 10.22.20

Get Seller Leads - Seller-Focused Advertising

Intro to "Get Seller Leads" - Done-for-you Seller Advertising suite in your kvCORE Marketplace 07.21.21

Intro to "Get Seller Leads" - Done for you Seller Advertising suite in your kvCORE Marketplace 07.14.21

kvCORE Marketplace - Get Seller Leads - kvCORE's all new advertising suite focused on Seller leads 06.16.21

CORE Concierge

CORE Concierge Product Demo 01.27.21

How To Trigger Automatic Handwritten Notecards from kvCORE (via 11.4.20

Multiple Advertising Options

Tired of Paying Zillow? Strategies to beat Zillow lead gen and conversion via kvCORE Marketplace 10.07.21

Fuel Your Business with Fresh Buyer Prospects in kvCORE 09.28.21

Fuel Your Business with Seller Prospecting - kvCORE Webinar 09.22.21

Facebook Lead Ads Workshop 12.16.20

Multi Channel Marketing Webinar 12.20.19

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