CORE Social gets you more leads by automatically posting relevant content and fresh listings to your social media. Effective farming without lifting a finger? Yes, please. Automate your social media presence with custom curated content. CORE Social will post articles and holiday posts from 16 different content categories

Core Social helps you stay top of mind with your Social Sphere Of Influence by posting interesting content to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Accounts. You choose the frequency of posting and content categories that you want to be posted, and Core Social does the rest!

What’s included:

  • Articles: Curated for maximum engagement

  • Marketplace Listings: Shared from within your brokerages

  • Holiday Greetings: Religious and non-religious, U.S. and Canada

  • Calendar & Scheduler: Preview, edit, and swap out content

  • Custom Posts: Schedule and share your own content

  • Lead Generation: Banners on every article and Marketplace Listing

How it Works

What Makes CORE Social So Effective?

It’s managed by real people, not robots. Inside Real Estate’s Content Managers scour the internet to find relevant, engaging articles; the kind of stuff that’ll help you earn the trust of qualified buyers and sellers in your area. The InsideRE team adds this carefully curated content to their ever-growing database – and that’s where you come in.

1. Choose Topics

You’re always in control with CORE Social. Choose what you want to post about by picking favorites from a list of 15 topics; real estate, DIY, travel, food, interior design, and more.

2. Set a Schedule

Select up to four days a week for content to be published on your social profiles and pages. CORE Social posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any combination of the three.

3. Enjoy Your Free Time

Automating your social media gives you more time to do what you want to do. Have lunch with friends, enjoy a massage, catch up on your favorite shows, or get coffee with a client!

How to Purchase CORE Social

To purchase CORE Social click on the 'Marketplace' tab from the main navigation on the left side. Then, find the CORE Social tile and select 'Learn More'.

*Pricing information is available in the Marketplace

Click the green 'Add to kvCORE' button from the top right of the pop-up.

Finally, fill out the order form and automate your social media presence using CORE Social.

Please Note: CORE Social may not be available in all Agents' Marketplace. For more information please reach out to your Broker.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing

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