The Excitement is Palpable

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the 2021 Fall Release! Just look at the new features and functionality we’re adding to kvCORE Platform:

  • Sphere Playbooks that help you power up your sphere of influence

  • Sell Pages for improved lead capture of potential sellers

  • CORE Present now has even more powerful client activity tracking + AI

  • Pond Notifications to keep everyone on top of pond account leads

  • Squeeze/Landing Page History that lets you track the success of your pages

  • Hashtag Management lets you edit, delete, and/or merge existing hashtags

  • Analytics Export lets you manipulate and analyze kvCORE in Excel

For an in-depth look at all of the new, exciting kvCORE platform features take a look at our Fall '21 Release packet.

Watch the InsideRE Fall'21 Release webinar below!

Sphere Playbooks

We’re thrilled to introduce two new Sphere Playbooks designed to help any agent organize, nurture, and fully leverage their SOI. Plus, no previous sphere experience is required!

New Sphere Playbooks offer:

• Tools for lead nurturing and engagement

• Increased participation in automated campaigns

• Help organizing, dialing, and creating follow-up plans

• Everything you need to track your progress and continually work your sphere of influence

How Sphere Playbooks will help you:

• Makes adding contacts to your sphere a breeze

• Tracks results, so you know what is working

• Agents will come away with an organized, automated sphere and a plan to follow up

Sell Pages for Improved Lead Capture

Introducing the new Sell Page in kvCORE – a new and improved lead capture page for potential sellers that offers:

• Better lead capture

• Two different flows: organic and ad/squeeze page

• More content for added value to the potential seller

• 3 AVMs • CMA with engagement heatmap and time tracking

• Dynamic consumer analytics and data visualization (just like CORE Present)

• Seamless alignment with CORE Present for easy seller presentation handoffs

CORE Present

CORE Present now has even more powerful client activity tracking + AI to help agents close deals faster while empowering brokerages to coach and train agents based on real-time consumer feedback. The latest enhancements impressed Inman News enough to award CORE Present their elusive, perfect 5-star rating, and our ongoing commitment to innovation takes “user-friendly” to a whole new level. New CORE

Present features include:

Dynamic consumer analytics and data visualization that help agents understand and respond to their clients more effectively.

An engagement heatmap and time tracking that helps agents see what matters most to potential clients

Single-page summaries that let agents tailor the length of the presentation without compromising value

Guided follow-up and scripted talking points that leverage AI

To learn more about CORE Presents' powerful analytics and guided follow-up, click here.

Pond Notifications

Pond Notifications now ensure agents know precisely when a new lead is available. It also notifies admins when any changes take place in a Pond Account.

• When a new lead is added to the pond, an email is sent to the agents in the pond

• When a lead is added to the pond, an email is sent to the admin or pond owner

• The admin or pond owner also receives an email when a lead is claimed from a pond.

Squeeze/Landing Page History

Squeeze/Landing Page History is a collection of links to pages an agent has already created. This History ensures you don’t have to rebuild landing and squeeze pages. They also help you keep track of successful squeeze and landing pages you’ve already built.

To learn more about utilizing your Squeeze Page History, click here.

Hashtag Management

One of the most highly requested features in 2021, Hashtag Management gives agents the ability to edit, delete, and/ or merge existing hashtags. Why is this so unique?

Hashtag Management:

• Makes organizing (and reorganizing) your contacts easy

• Enables you to clean up duplicates and see all of your hashtags in one place

• Shows all leads assigned to a hashtag and allows you to perform mass actions

• Provides new CRM filters to EXCLUDE by hashtag (i.e., find everyone who IS NOT #creditrepair)

To learn more about utilizing Hashtag Management, click here.

Analytics Export

Analytics Export gives you the ability to download a CSV of raw data, which means you can now manipulate and analyze kvCORE data in Excel.

To learn more about exporting Source Performance, click here.

To learn more about exporting Agent Performance, click here.

To learn more about exporting Agent Success, click here.

If you have any further questions about the kvCORE Fall '21 Release, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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