Getting started with kvCORE can be made easy using the Agent Success Plan, training videos, and help articles. However, there are times when a term or phrase will come up that you may be unsure of - that's okay! Here, you can find common Real Estate and kvCORE terms and definitions.

General “Techy & Real Estate” Terms

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • IDX - Internet Data Exchange (the umbrella term used to cover policies, standards, and software pertaining to the display of real estate listing info on websites

  • Integration - The process of bringing together various types of software sub-systems so they create a unified single system

  • API - “Application programming interface”, simplify software development and innovation by enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely.

  • Subdomain - In the DNS (domain name system) hierarchy, a subdomain is an entirely new website that is part of a domain. In kvCORE, your personal Agent website is an entirely new website that is part of your Office/Company website.

  • VOIP (i.e., Smart Number) - Voice over IP Number works by placing calls over the internet. Unlike traditional phone service, where calls must be routed through the local telephone company, VOIP also extends to other forms of communication, like chat and text messaging.

  • Contacts - People you may (or may not) do business with

  • Sphere - People who you know that may (or may not) do business with you, but who may also refer business to you and/or may advocate/champion for you (i.e., Testimonials)

Basic Categories For Your Leads

  • Status - Ways to categorize your leads, such as Active Lead, Prospect, Client, etc. (i.e., “The Client Journey” within the Contact Record)

  • Lead Type - Buyer, Seller, Renter, Vendor, Agent

  • Hashtags - These are your own custom labels for your Leads/Contacts. Use these to send Scheduled Mass Emails to a specific set of contacts.

  • Sources (System Source and Source) - The Source tells you where a contact came from and System Source technically speaks to how your contact came to be in kvCORE

kvCORE Main Navigation Menu & Dropdown Menu

  • Dashboard - The main page in your kvCORE platform, first seen when you log into kvCORE.

    • SSO (Single Sign-On) - no need to log into multiple websites when you can SSO through kvCORE! Learn more about SSO options here.

  • Profile - Where you can customize your 'About Me' section, agent photo, and other tools to brand yourself on your website to your contacts.

  • Playbooks - Playbooks take all the “Native Tools” that are commonly used by Agents and roll them up in easy-to-use step-by-step instructions or “plays” to focus their business on one topic (e.g. Promoting your Listings).

  • Smart CRM - This is where your contacts live, (i.e., the address book for kvCORE) and Agents can work and manage their contacts from this page.

  • Listings - This is where your MLS lives in your kvCORE agent platform, and you can search, preview, and even promote listings for lead generation from this area.

  • Marketing - This is where most of the main communication tools are located, including Smart Campaigns, Search Alerts, and Hashtag Management (if you have CORE Present, CORE ListingMachine, or CORE Print, you’ll find the SSO here).

  • Lead Engine - This is where you can go and use the Lead Generation tools (Squeeze Pages & Landing Pages) and also import your contacts, and connect 3rd party lead sources.

  • Transactions - If your kvCORE Account has a transaction management system connected to kvCORE, this is where you will find details about your transactions.

  • Web & IDX - This is where you can go to customize certain website features, including things like adding testimonials and custom pages.

  • Marketplace - This is where you can find and purchase add-on tools and services that will enhance your kvCORE platform.

  • Business Analytics - Use the Business Analytics page to track your Pipeline, Source Performance, and all things kvCORE that lead to success

  • Support & Training - The Support Center is standalone articles with videos. The Training section houses the Learning Portal which is where you can go to take self-paced training courses. Lastly, there is a Webinar Schedule where you can sign up for live training webinars

Basic kvCORE Terminology and Easy “How To’s”

  • Smart Campaign Each time you think of a way to handle a contact, chances are you can incorporate that plan into a campaign. The goal is to automate as much as possible with your contacts so that you can use your time to do the kinds of things that computers cannot!

  • Smart Number - The Smart Number is a VOIP (voice over IP) phone number that is connected to your kvCORE database. Inside Real Estate uses the Smart Number for the dialer system, as well as to send & receive texts to and from contacts.

  • How to Contact Support - and what is the difference between a Support Call v. an Open kvCORE Q&A session.

  • kvCORE Open Q&A - These are live weekly webinars held by IRE Trainers who focus on helping agents learn how to use the platform, and include tips, tricks, strategizing and sometimes a bit of masterminding with agents. Refer to the “View Training Calendar” button on the kvCORE dashboard for dates/times/registration links

  • How to find your Agent Website - From the upper right corner of your kvCORE dashboard click on your name. Your personal website will be followed by this


    Simply click on it, and your website will open in a new tab.

  • Landing Page - This is a one-page website that can be used to generate leads.

  • Squeeze Page - This is a link that you build that when clicked on by a consumer, “squeezes" them back to your website where they can sign up as a lead.

Have more questions or need assistance defining a term found in kvCORE? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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