IMPORTANT: The feature discussed in this article may not be enabled for your CORE BackOffice account.

How to Setup ACH Payments

To set up ACH payments first, log in. Most of the information will be automatically filled in for you.

All fields are required to continue. Complete the fields and select ‘Submit’. A popup containing the terms and conditions will appear. Agree to the terms using the checkbox on the left and hit ‘Accept’ to continue.

Once this is accepted you will be taken immediately to a new page to add your banking information. To do so, select ‘+Add Bank Information’.

Please Note: If Two-Factor Authentication has not been set up yet. You will be prompted to do so.

After selecting ‘+Add Bank Account’ complete all fields on the following page and click ‘Submit’.

Then, the account status will show as ‘Inactive: In Review’. The review process is completed by eCommission, and the expected turnaround time is less than 24 hours.

Once reviewed, this will either be listed as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’.

If the status is showing as ‘Inactive’ it’s likely:

- Incomplete and requires more information

- Cancelled, and then the reason why will be visible.

The most common issues:

- Names do not match

- Expired or unverified license

- Invalid name on the account

- Account closed or frozen

Once Active, the broker may begin to initiate payments to you.

Have more questions or need assistance? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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